How to win at Starfield’s Persuasion minigame

Win at Starfield’s Persuasion minigame to ensure your quests never turn violent and save money.

How to win at Starfield’s Persuasion minigame
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Are you struggling to win at the Starfield Persuasion minigame? It’s crucial to keep your cool and avoid violent outcomes during quests. You’ll often need to convince NPCs to change their minds, resulting in a Persuasion screen where you can try to change their minds.

How to win at the Starfield Persuasion minigame

To initiate the Persuasion minigame, look for any dialogues with the text “[Persuade]”. You’ll often be prompted to use Persuasion when you’re trying to convince an NPC to change their mind, but a few quests will require you to initiate the minigame manually.

The Persuasion minigame will always follow a set format. There’s a dialogue with multiple options, where you select the lines to try and convince the NPC. Completing the dialogue will result in a Persuasion bar filling up. Successful interactions fill out the bar, while failed attempts reduce the turn count. You need to win the minigame by filling out all the lines before running out of turns.

Starfield Persuasion minigame dialogue options

The color of the bar on the left side of each dialogue indicates your chance of success. There isn’t any way to view your Persuasion skill level during dialogue, but your chances of success are dependent on the target NPC’s personality and luck.

Your chance of success also increases based on the Persuasion Skill in the Social tab of your Skills menu. The max level of the Persuasion Skill offers a 50 percent boost, but you’ll need to reach Rank 4 to unlock this perk. Certain food items in the “Aids” section slightly increase your chances of success, but they’re not a reliable method of increasing your Persuasion Skill.

The Persuasion minigame itself varies from dialogue to dialogue, but there’s a set format to follow. You’ll be presented with two or three dialogue options per line, and you need to select the options that have point values. Each line filled correctly will increase the point value, and you’ll need to fill out all lines to win.

The Persuasion minigame options change depending on the context of each dialogue, but you’ll often be choosing between two options with different point values. You need to fill out all of the lines until you reach the maximum point value, then choose “Persuade” to complete the minigame.

If you fail a line and select the wrong option, there’s no second chance. You’ll continue the minigame as normal but will select the incorrect option. If you fail again, the dialogue will end and you’ll be taken back to the Persuasion bar, but this time with one line less to fill.

You can use the Auto-Persuade option to instantly fill the Persuasion bar, but this requires you to win multiple minigames to recharge. Use Auto-Persuade sparingly, and only when you’re desperate to get the dialogue over with.

And that’s how to win at the Starfield Persuasion minigame. You can’t win every single dialogue, but by increasing your chances of success, you can maintain valuable clients and avoid quest failure. Violent outcomes aren’t always a bad thing – they can be used to intimidate NPCs and complete quests more efficiently – but they’re unfavorable in many instances.

If you’re struggling to win at the Starfield Persuasion minigame, make sure you’re saving manually before Persuasion dialogues. This way, you can retry easily if you don’t succeed the first time. If you’re struggling to progress through the game, our Starfield review has you covered. And if you’re looking for something new, our list of the best PC games to play right now is sure to be a big help.

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