Here are the reasons people hate all the most popular games

Express your frustrations with popular games and find solace in the Steam community

Here are the reasons people hate all the most popular games
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Expressing Frustrations with Popular Games

I am here for this. You don’t have to suffer alone in your hatred for a game that everyone seems to love. We all have our personal preferences and dislikes, and I’m here to provide a space where you can express your frustrations with the most popular games.

Stealth Games and Impatience

Many of you will find stealth games to be among the most inaccessible genres. Some of you will play them anyway but find that you can’t bring yourself to wait for enemies to move. Other users will break those stealth sections, rushing through them and not even caring about the consequences.

Personally, I relate to the impatience. I hate stealth games because I get frustrated at having to wait for enemies to move. I get so impatient that I want to throw things at the screen. I can’t do that because my TV is always turned off when I play stealth games.

Others of you relate to the frustration and share your experiences of not being able to complete stealth missions in games like Breath of the Wild. In that Nintendo open-world game, stealth is not necessary to progress, so you can choose to walk straight up to the final boss. Nonetheless, many of you couldn’t even complete the final trials because you had to stealth your way through them.

Some of you say that you have no problem with stealth games, but that you dislike Breath of the Wild because it’s not a good stealth game. You mention that you would rather have the option to go in guns blazing if you want to, or that stealth isn’t a valid gameplay mechanic if you can’t complete missions without it.

The Stress of Sandbox Survival Games

Many of you express your dislike for sandbox survival games, which I can understand. These games are often stressful due to the need to gather resources, manage hunger and thirst, and the risk of losing progress upon death.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I find sandbox survival games to be extremely frustrating. I tried playing games like Conan Exiles and 7 Days to Die, and I hated every minute of it. I found it stressful to have to constantly worry about managing my resources, especially when I’m not even good at managing my own real-life finances.

I also don’t enjoy games that incorporate food mechanics as a means of gaining buffs or abilities. I don’t like having to constantly eat in-game food because I feel like I’m wasting my time when I could be playing a more interesting game.

Many of you agree that sandbox survival games lack proper endgame content. Once you’ve learned the basics, there’s not much more to do in these games besides grinding and farming to build a base. Many of you mention your dislike for battle royale games.

Aversion to Real-Time Strategy Games

Another group of people expresses their aversion to real-time strategy (RTS) games, but some of you don’t provide a specific reason. I can only assume that it’s because you’re terrible at RTS games.

I’ve never played an RTS game myself, but I can understand why someone might find them stressful. I can also understand why someone might find the need to memorize combos and exploit game mechanics to be skill-related aspects of PvP games.

I would like to add that I believe it’s possible to win PvP games without having to learn combos or exploit game mechanics. I believe it’s possible to win PvP games without having to be skilled at all. However, I understand why someone might find the pressure to learn complex combos and exploit game mechanics to be stressful. I can also relate to the feeling of being terrible at a game despite your best efforts.

Disinterest in MMORPGs

Many of you express your disinterest in MMORPGs. I’m not surprised to see so many comments about people’s lack of interest in games that require a monthly subscription fee. I could understand someone being hesitant to pay a subscription fee, but I don’t understand why someone would pay a subscription fee to play MMO games.

I also don’t understand why someone would express their disinterest in a genre unless they have something new to add to the conversation. I noticed a few comments that generalized a preference for taking their time and relaxing while playing games, but I would like to see a bit more than that.

Anxiety in First-Person Shooters

Of course, some of you express your dislike for first-person shooters (FPS) or any other game with a first-person view because you feel anxious not being able to see what’s behind you. I find this to be absolutely hilarious.

To that, I say, “This also applies to real life.” I don’t understand why someone would play an FPS game when they could be playing a third-person game instead. Sure, there are some instances where you can’t see your surroundings properly in first-person games, but I think the turning motion may be just as much of a factor.

I also wonder if it’s specifically the rapid movements that trigger the motion sickness, but I’m not a doctor. I’m just a gamer with a sense of humor, and I’d like to add that you can hack the field of view (FOV) setting to provide a 360-degree view in FPS games.

Of course, other types of games inspire unique comments as well. I found a few comments about difficulties with first-person games, mentioning instances where people fell into holes or couldn’t see their surroundings properly.

Some of you share your difficulties with third-person shooters as well, with the same reason for dislike. One user admits to struggling with third-person shooters as well, citing difficulty with aiming as the reason.

A user shares that they have a disability that makes it difficult for them to play certain games, while another shares their experience with anxiety, which can make it challenging to enjoy certain genres.

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