Halls of Torment final dungeon guide

The Forgotten Viaduct is the final and most difficult dungeon in Halls of Torment. Follow our guide to conquer it.

Halls of Torment final dungeon guide
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Halls of Torment: The Forgotten Viaduct

Want to know how to beat the Halls of Torment final dungeon? The Forgotten Viaduct is the roguelike’s toughest challenge, and you’ll need to draw on all of your experience and upgrades to make it through. Our Halls of Torment walkthrough takes you through this difficult dungeon step-by-step, from the first room to the final boss battle.

The Halls of Torment final dungeon is one of seven in the roguelike action game, each offering unique customization options that let you craft your perfect run. While you can tackle the Forgotten Viaduct at any point in your adventure, it’s recommended that you reach it as soon as you can so you can experience Halls of Torment’s best classes and get the most out of your run.

How to Beat the Halls of Torment Final Dungeon

The Forgotten Viaduct is Halls of Torment’s toughest challenge, so it’s important to have reached at least level 60 by the time you get here. Our Halls of Torment tier list has advice on how to reach this point with the best classes. Once you’ve reached the correct level, hug the top railings so that the game forces the enemy minions into columns below, making it incredibly easy to clear them and gain experience crystals.

Flank the first elite enemy to hit both it and its minions. Aim for AOE abilities like Astronomer’s Orbs and Dragon’s Breath, or restart the level if you don’t have any available. It’s also worth noting that you can pick up the Hand of Greed with little consequence at this point, but we’d recommend holding off on grabbing it until later in the game.

Isolate elites and deal heavy damage with the Radiant Aura ability, which you can unlock at level 31, to deal with them more efficiently. If you’re struggling, there are several other optional abilities to choose from if these ones aren’t available. Be sure to move laterally through the map, sticking close to walls, and pick up health restoration items as needed.

Defeat the Wraith Horseman to unlock the Shieldmaiden and receive equipment. You’ll also unlock the next level of the Frost Knight, which you should avoid for now as it’s far too strong for this part of the game.

Reach the top end of the map and defeat the Frost Knight while avoiding its projectiles and the fast-moving White Wraiths. As you continue through the level, you’ll encounter the Hydra, which can be defeated by staying below it and attacking from a safe distance.

From around 12 minutes before the level ends, stand still and generate upgraded experience crystals around you to maximize your experience. Pick up the Hand of Greed with around seven minutes left to reach high levels.

Defeat the Hydra and farm experience crystals in the center of the map to avoid losing them to unkillable wraiths. With 30 seconds left, collect enough experience crystals to reach level 90, which should prepare you for the Lord of Despair boss battle.

The Lord of Despair is a multi-stage battle that’s challenging even at high levels, so take a defensive approach and prioritize survivability. Avoid the Lord of Despair’s summons and deal consistent damage while dodging attacks.

Early on, prioritize offensive traits from levels one to thirty. Once you reach level 30 and begin your next run, invest in defensive traits for survivability from level 31 onwards. You’ll also want to circle back to ability upgrades, movement speed, and defensive and offensive traits from level 60 onwards.

And that’s how to beat the Halls of Torment final dungeon. Be sure to check out our Halls of Torment review to learn more about this challenging roguelike game. If you’re looking to fill your free time, we’ve got the best PC games here, including the best Steam games, which you can play on the biggest gaming platform around.

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