Who is the Final Fantasy 16 Leviathan Dominant?

The existence of the lost Eikon Leviathan remains a mystery in Final Fantasy 16. Let's examine the evidence and possible answers.

Who is the Final Fantasy 16 Leviathan Dominant?
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Who is the Final Fantasy 16 Leviathan Dominant?

The mighty Eikon of water has no confirmed living Dominant, and we know very little about the powerful being. We do know that its Bearers can use water-based magic, but how does that relate to the mighty Leviathan?

The story and world of Final Fantasy 16 revolve around Eikons and their Dominants, who are able to harness the power of these celestial beings. While we know a great deal about some of the Eikons, like Titan and Ramuh, we have very little concrete information on the mighty Leviathan.

Final Fantasy 16 Leviathan evidence

There are several pieces of evidence that could potentially lead us to the next location for Leviathan in Final Fantasy 16:

  • The mural above Ash shows that Ultima created the Eikons, including Leviathan. The theory that it’s an early concept for the game seems less likely given that it features in a location that’s reachable in-game.
  • The lack of a living Dominant of Water makes it more likely that Ultima needs Clive for their plan, but there are still some unanswered questions surrounding this powerful Eikon.

Final Fantasy 16 Leviathan location

There are a couple of decent theories on the location of Leviathan, but nothing that can be considered solid evidence. The Dzemekys Falls near Boklad could be a good location for the Eikon of water, although, given that it’s a series of waterfalls, it could also be a potential location for Ramuh.

Final Fantasy 16 Leviathan potential candidate

The lack of a living Dominant of Water makes it more likely that Ultima needs Clive for their plan. There are plenty of theories about who could be the next Dominant of Water, but the most popular at the moment is Kihel, the Medicine Girl. She’s of the right age, could potentially have healing powers, and is said to be working on something in the Yoelan Wilds. Another popular choice is Edda, a survivor of the Aetheric Flood, but her child could potentially be a Dominant if the duration of the Flood in Eistla is similar to that of Fabula.

If you’re a bearer, you can resist the Flood. However, it still means you’re slowly turning Akashic, which is why most people stay away from the areas where it’s flooding. Dominants are immune to the Flood, so there’s still a chance that whoever the next Water Dominant is could end the threat once and for all.

We could potentially see the resolution of this mystery in the DLC. If this is one of the mysteries addressed, it will certainly be a highly anticipated reveal. In the meantime, you can check out some of the other mysteries in the best PC games currently available.

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