Hidden League of Legends buff puts Kassadin on the move

A hidden buff for Kassadin in League of Legends has been discovered, boosting the Assassin's roaming speed.

Hidden League of Legends buff puts Kassadin on the move
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

A League of Legends buff for Kassadin

A hidden League of Legends Kassadin buff that Riot did not mention in recent patch notes has been discovered by players, and it’s a big one for the Assassin. While Riot has been busy balancing and nerfing other League of Legends champions in recent weeks, Kassadin has seemingly been enjoying a speedier roam around the MOBA game‘s map.

Players have started to notice that Kassadin is moving much faster than he used to following the most recent patch, but there’s no mention of the change in any notes.

“I noticed Kassadin had a pretty big increase in movement speed on his ultimate,” one player says in a Reddit thread, “so I went to check the notes and nothing was mentioned.”

They’re right – a quick check of the most recent patch notes for patch 9.8 show no mention of the secret buff. It’s caused quite a stir among the LoL community, with some calling it a “stealth buff.”

“I noticed this too – Kassadin’s movement speed bonus appears to have been increased,” another player says. “Wasn’t in the notes either.”

Multiple players quickly reply in the thread saying that they’ve noticed the same thing, with many of them saying that they assumed it was just a bug. It wasn’t long until a subsequent investigation by the League of Legends Reddit identified the root cause of the increased speed.

“I’ve done some testing and found out that Kassadin’s movement speed on his ultimate is indeed increased,” one player says. “His movement speed on his passive and Q has not been altered.”

So it’s definitely a buff, but why wasn’t it mentioned? The answer may lie in how it was discovered in the first place – by accident, through actual gameplay.

While it’s certainly possible that Riot will retroactively add it to the notes, it’s not very likely that it would go to the effort of making a change and not mention it. Even if it was an unintentional change, it’s one that benefits Kassadin and grants him a much-needed buff to his roaming and ability to make plays across the map.

We’ve reached out to Riot for comment on this League of Legends Kassadin buff, and we’ll update the story if we hear back.

The discovery of the hidden buff highlights just how complex the process of balancing League of Legends champions can be. It also underlines the importance of community engagement in not only uncovering and understanding game mechanics, but also ensuring that players can trust the integrity of their game.

With this buff, Kassadin becomes even more of a menace on the battlefield, roaming the map like a spectre and raining down damage from unexpected angles. We’ll be watching to see how players adapt to the surprise change and whether it remains in the game.

Featured Image via Riot Games.

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