Riot announces removal of League of Legends Mythic items in January 2024

League of Legends Mythic items are being removed in January 2024, as Riot Games announces new item changes.

Riot announces removal of League of Legends Mythic items in January 2024
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League of Legends Mythic items to be removed in 2024

Will League of Legends Mythic items be removed in 2024? Riot has announced that it will be removing Mythic items from the MOBA game, alongside a major overhaul of League of Legends items coming in the next season. Players have been expressing their happiness about the decision, as they explain that the removal of Mythic items will enable build and playstyle constraints to be lifted.

In a post titled “Metagame Evolution” by designer Jason ‘Darkanine’ Rau, Riot acknowledges player complaints about the current state of League of Legends and the problems with Mythic items.

“We don’t think any of the goals we set out to achieve when we started this project were met,” Darkanine says. “We’re not even close to having a diverse pool of Mythic items that fulfill different roles, and we haven’t had a stable metagame since the launch of the project.”

Darkanine says that one of the biggest challenges is catering to all the different champions in League of Legends with a limited number of Mythic items. This limited number of items made it hard for the devs to push out new Mythic items to keep things fresh, and ultimately led to the same handful of items being used over and over again.

Some current Mythic items will be adjusted and kept as exciting options rather than centerpieces, while others will be completely removed.

“We’ve been slow to respond to champion balance and item balance concerns, and by the time we did, the metagame had already solidified around the best Mythic item and a narrow subset of champions,” Darkanine says. “We’re confident that we’ll be able to bring back build versatility and champion diversity once we remove Mythics and overhaul the system.”

Players believe that removing League of Legends Mythic items will have a positive impact on the game, and that the meta will become less centered around the best build. This was particularly an issue for left-behind champions, with some players lamenting that they couldn’t play their favorites as much because the meta didn’t cater enough to them.

“I’ve been waiting for this for three years,” one player writes. “Done with the current meta,” writes another. “I’ve been constantly crying for this for years and years,” another adds. “Fantastic,” another player writes.

There were plenty of players who enjoyed the fun and interesting builds that were possible with Mythic items, but overall, the consensus seems to be that the change is a good one.

The post also reveals that Riot will be bringing back Nexus Blitz, which is a welcome announcement for many players. The return of Nexus Blitz is also seen as a positive change, as the Blitz mode was popular with the community and many players have been requesting its return.

A specific date for the removal of Mythic items hasn’t been announced yet, but we do know that a full reveal of item changes and other preseason information is expected soon.

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