Medieval Dynasty: Affection and flirting guide

Learn how to romance and marry in Medieval Dynasty to continue your legacy and find a potential love interest.

Medieval Dynasty: Affection and flirting guide
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How to Romance and Marry in Medieval Dynasty

Want to know how to flirt in Medieval Dynasty? A potential love interest won’t just fall into your lap during your travels. You must be the one to initiate the romance. Flirting can lead to marriage, which is crucial if you want to continue your legacy and have an heir in the medieval game.

Your choice of wife has a significant impact on your life in Medieval Dynasty. Each woman has unique characteristics and skills, so you should choose wisely based on your needs and the needs of your village. However, you don’t want to overlook the romantic aspect of Medieval Dynasty, since it’s possible to fall in love with one of the women before you even consider her skills. Read on to find out how to romance a woman in Medieval Dynasty and get married.

How to Romance a Woman in Medieval Dynasty

Visit the campfire in each town to approach and romance a woman. You must be in town to do this, so it’s not possible to romance a woman while you’re out on a mission. Pay attention to the woman’s age, as you cannot romance someone who is more than ten years older or younger than you.

Romancing a woman involves choosing conversation options to gain affection points. Affection ranges from 0 to 100, and with 100 points, you can marry the woman. Each woman has a personality type, such as snob, romantic, busy bee, or free spirit.

Conversations that align with their personality will raise affection points, while others may lower them. Be aware of season-specific conversation choices that may affect affection.

How to Flirt with Women in Medieval Dynasty

If your potential wife is far from your base, you can ask her to join you in your village. Before you commit, you may want to flirt with other women to see how receptive they are to your advances. However, don’t flirt with too many women as it may make them unreceptive to your advances.

How to Determine a Villager’s Personality Type

Discover the personality type by talking to the person and engaging in small talk. You should see one of the following messages:

- Ask about the person’s personality type by pressing the J key and selecting the ‘Inquire about their personality type’ option to see their preference for their favorite gift.

Gifts from Exotic Goods Vendors

Each personality type has a preference for their favorite gift. The exotic goods vendors sell expensive gifts, but they may increase your affection points by a large margin.

Here are the exotic goods vendor gifts and the person they favor the most:

How to Increase Affection Points

Each woman has a conversation type that can raise affection points. These conversation options can be selected by scrolling to the right. Each option has a green heart next to it if it will help increase affection points.

After you find a woman you wish to court, you need to build affection with her. Maintain affection with your wife through regular conversations, small talk, and gifts. She may also have unique characteristics and skills that can be assigned to tasks in the village.

Look for a wife with high Hunting or Diplomacy skills for more efficient work in the village.

How to Declare Your Love and Get Married

When you have 100 affection points, you can declare your love and get married. Your wife will have unique characteristics and skills that can be assigned to tasks in the village. For instance, she may have the fishing skill, so you can assign her to fish and provide food for your villagers. Your wife will also have children in the future, so you need to decide if you want to raise them or have someone else care for them.

That’s everything you need to know about affection in Medieval Dynasty. If you’re looking for something lighthearted, we have a list of the best PC games like Tinder, as well as games like Stardew Valley if you’re craving a farming sim.

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