The best games with no choice at all

Some games are filled with choice, but there are some choices so bad, so life-ruining, that they can't be left up to players.

The best games with no choice at all
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

What are the best games with no choice?

In the realm of interactive entertainment, mistakes are meant to happen. Sometimes, a wrong turn leads to a more immersive experience. Other times, a plot twist is only heightened by a decision you didn’t even think you could make.

Whether it’s because the consequences are so dire, or because the plot demands it, some of the best games force players to make a choice that leads to the death of a character. Sometimes, the death is just a catalyst for the real consequence, which can be just as devastating. Other times, a character’s death just progresses the plot, and the death itself is the only thing that is left up to players. These are the best games with no choice, the ones where your decisions are decided for you.

Here are the best games with no choice:

  • GTA 4 – Peace or violence
  • Both options will lead to the death of the character in question, but the chaos caused by Trevor’s rifle or Michael’s pistol is left up to you.
  • L.A. Noire – Wrong suspect
  • In this detective game, you must make a judgment call that points to a suspect as the murderer, even though it is clearly the wrong choice. Later in the game, you learn the identity of the true killer.
  • Life is Strange – Sacrifice
  • There is no option to save both of the characters in this heartbreaking choice. Max must choose between saving her best friend or her new love interest.

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