AI-generated article credibly reports on OpenAI acquisition

AI-generated articles have been around for a while, but the one published by OpenAI's own chatbot on NFTNow is impressively structured and written.

AI-generated article credibly reports on OpenAI acquisition
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

OpenAI Acquires Global Illumination

OpenAI acquires Global Illumination, a New York-based digital product company working on the open-source game Biomes. Biomes is an open-source Minecraft clone hosted on Github and developed in collaboration with the community. OpenAI plans to leverage the expertise of the Global Illumination team for their core products, including ChatGPT.

The news of the acquisition was found in an article written or co-authored by OpenAI's own chatbot on NFTNow.

Comparisons to Minecraft

The article draws comparisons between Biomes' graphic design and the popular game Minecraft. The sentence structure and vocabulary in the article, such as calling Minecraft "Microsoft's OG game," raise doubts about its authenticity. The chatbot speculates on the rationale behind the acquisition and ponders if OpenAI is entering the video game sector as a revenue stream.

The article is credited to Andrew Rassow, but it is revealed that it was written in collaboration with OpenAI's GPT-4. The presence of AI-generated articles raises questions about the authenticity and human involvement in the publication. The AI's ability to report, speculate, and express puzzlement about the acquisition is noteworthy. The article's structure and lack of human touch lead to doubts about its credibility.

Reflection on AI-Generated Content

The experience prompts reflection on the future of careers in light of AI-generated content. The article was discovered on NFTNow, a site known for publishing AI-generated articles. The acquisition itself may not be the main story here, but rather the AI software reporting on it.

The article's publication by OpenAI's chatbot highlights the capabilities and limitations of AI-generated content. The experience of reading an article written by an AI prompts self-reflection on the role of humans in the media landscape.

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