Blind Overwatch player shares frustration in a low-effort poster

Blind Overwatch player shares frustration in a low-effort poster, and some users don't know how to respond.

Blind Overwatch player shares frustration in a low-effort poster
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Blind Overwatch player

The poster is titled “Blind Overwatch player,” and it’s a low-effort thread that mostly consists of a player sharing their frustration. Blind Overwatch player “Pianist_of_the_Moon” shares their experience with the game, and some users try to respond thoughtfully, while others make negative comments.

The original poster, who shares their experience of playing Overwatch while being blind, expresses frustration with players who accuse them of being a “bad support” because they can’t protect themselves. They say they rely on their allies to protect them and mostly use the character’s mobility and gun to keep themselves safe.

“I’m just getting tired of being insulted for letting my character die near the end of the game because I’m ‘bad and a support,’” they write.

Their post starts a discussion about the role of tanks, healers, and DPS in Overwatch team dynamics. Some users suggest that supports should prioritize the objective rather than their own protection, while others say support mains should be used to being blamed for everything.

“It’s a support character’s life,” one user writes. “Get comfortable with it.”

Another user shares their experience playing with randoms and getting yelled at as a healer. “If I die, it’s always my fault,” they write. “If the DPS dies, it’s their own fault. If the tank dies, it’s our fault for not peeling.”

The original poster says they recently started playing Overwatch and got gifted a copy. They explain their level of blindness and dispel some misinformation about it.

“I’m legally blind,” they write. “I can see light and color and a bit of shape, but I can’t see faces or read. I have less than 1% vision.”

Many users are amazed that someone with less than 1% vision can play a fast-paced shooter like Overwatch. “I think I’d be scared playing with you,” one writes. Another says they’d be “blown away” if they played with a player with less than 10% vision.

In the replies, there’s a discussion about the nature of Overwatch toxicity and Overwatch supports in general. One user questions if the problem is that the original poster is blind. “Why is it always about being blind?” they ask. “There’s always a good chance that you’re just bad.”

Another user says, “If I was blind, I’d probably stay off [Overwatch] for a long time too.” But, they add, “If I were a support main, I’d try to learn how to protect myself.”

Another replies, “They don’t have a choice.”

Another user shares their experience with Overwatch and the blame game. “It’s a constant thing in this game,” they write. “People blame supports for everything.”

Someone else shares their choice of headphones:

Several users say that they’ve experienced similar situations and have been frustrated by the negativity and toxicity in Overwatch.

Some users try to make light of the situation, saying that, “Blind people have worse aim,” and, “Getting killed by a blind person is one of the biggest fears I have [in this game].”

The original poster replies, “I’m not a good player either, but I’m not using my disability as an excuse.”

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