Overwatch 2 players demand Blizzard to stop buffing “unkillable” tank hero

Overwatch 2 players demand a stop to Orisa buffs, expressing frustration with the recent update.

Overwatch 2 players demand Blizzard to stop buffing “unkillable” tank hero
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Overwatch 2: Orisa Buffs Spark Community Frustration

Overwatch 2 players are demanding Blizzard to cease buffing Orisa, the Overwatch 2 tank hero, after the most recent update to the game in the form of the Invasion update has sparked frustration among players. Following a series of balance adjustments in the past, Orisa’s fortify ability now has increased health, making her harder to defeat. This change has sparked frustration among players who see the hero as almost invincible.

The Overwatch 2 community is taking aim at Blizzard’s recent buffs to Orisa in the FPS game. Players are calling for balance adjustments to maintain the fair gameplay they’ve come to expect.

“Orisa’s been buffed into the ground, time and time again, and now with these changes, she’s just flat-out overpowered,” one player says. “Her damage, mobility, and survivability are all just insane now.”

“Orisa, the unkillable,” another player exclaims, followed by a wave of replies from other players echoing their own frustration with the tank hero. “Orisa is literally a tank that can’t be killed by anyone.”

“The fact that she’s almost invincible and can’t be killed by anyone is literally disrupting the game’s balance,” another player chimes in, echoing the frustration of the community.

The Overwatch 2 community largely agrees that the game’s balance has been disrupted by the recent Orisa buff. They are calling on Blizzard to focus on balancing heroes rather than buffing them to maintain a competitive and fair gaming experience.

“Please reevaluate,” one player says, with another adding, “Please balance your game, don’t just buff your heroes.”

In the meantime, Orisa’s newfound resilience on the battlefield has sparked a wave of memes and jokes across the Overwatch 2 community, but it’s clear that the frustration about the issue runs deep among players.

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