Overwatch 2’s Flashpoint mode might feature 2CP map remakes

Overwatch 2's Flashpoint mode could see the return of some beloved 2CP maps, as map designers express interest in refreshing more familiar maps.

Overwatch 2’s Flashpoint mode might feature 2CP map remakes
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Overwatch 2's Flashpoint mode to feature beloved 2CP maps

Overwatch 2’s Flashpoint mode could see the return of some fan-favorite 2CP Maps, as the developers have already redesigned one map for the upcoming mode. In a recent interview, map designers explain how they’re open to reusing more maps in the future, and offer some insight into how the Overwatch 2 development team is approaching these remakes.

As one of the new modes in the Blizzard game, Overwatch 2’s Flashpoint promises to offer some exciting new gameplay experiences. While we’ve already seen one map redesigned for the new game mode, the developers have also expressed interest in reusing old maps for the mode as well.

“We’ve got a lot of experience with redesigning maps for Competitive, so we’re confident that if a map is a good candidate for Competitive then it’s a good candidate for Flashpoint,” Overwatch 2 map designer Justin Bressey explains. “We want to make sure we’re committing to unique spaces with Flashpoint.”

Bressey mentions how the redesigned India map (below) shows off how the team can take an existing map and breathe new life into it. When asked if we could see older 2CP maps like Hanamura or Volskaya remade for Flashpoint, Bressey says, “We’re open to reimagining existing maps, and we’ve had some discussions about that.”

The idea of older 2CP maps returning in a new form excites the Overwatch community, and Bressey says the team is listening to feedback about which maps players would most like to see in the Flashpoint mode.

“When we released the first teasers for Flashpoint, we got a lot of excitement from the community about bringing back more 2CP maps,” Bressey says. “We’re going to be really cognisant of what maps we pick for this, and I’m excited to see what we come up with.”

Bressey also details other ways the developers are aiming to incorporate fan-favorite maps into the new mode, such as the potential to add new areas or additional routes to the maps. In addition to these map-specific changes, Flashpoint also introduces new environmental storytelling elements, allowing map designers to create more immersive and engaging gameplay spaces.

While there’s still a lot we don’t know about the new Overwatch 2 mode, it’s encouraging to see the developers actively listening to player feedback. Overwatch 2 is also set to introduce Overwatch League season 2, so there’s plenty to look forward to in the multiplayer game this year.

Featured Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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