Overwatch 2’s competitive ranked play gets significant overhaul, says EP

Overwatch 2’s competitive ranked play is getting a “substantial overhaul”, with significant improvements promised for the Blizzard FPS game’s competitive mode.

Overwatch 2’s competitive ranked play gets significant overhaul, says EP
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Overwatch 2’s Competitive Ranked Play to Undergo Substantial Overhaul

Excitement and speculation are surging among Overwatch 2 players after the game’s executive producer teases “substantial improvements” in Competitive Ranked Play. With the Overwatch 2 ranked season just wrapping up, and the Overwatch 2 World Cup underway, players are eagerly awaiting further details on the promised upgrades, which could make a big impact on the competitive scene.

Overwatch 2’s competitive ranked play has for some time been a source of contention among the Blizzard FPS game’s community, with player feedback often highlighting key issues with the game mode’s balance. However, in a recent interview with Esports Heaven, Overwatch 2’s executive producer Jeff Kaplan hints at a focus on “enhancing the competitive experience,” with upcoming changes set to elevate the competitive scene to new heights.

“With this next season, we’re going to try to create a more engaging and rewarding competitive ranked play,” Kaplan says. “I think that’s important; that’s something we want to do.”

The Overwatch 2 executive producer’s comments have naturally led to speculation among players about what exactly the “substantial improvements” might entail – and what, specifically, the competitive mode’s issues are.

“We’re not going to have anything specific to share on competitive ranked play until after the World Cup concludes,” Kaplan continues. “But we will be addressing some of the key issues and hopefully providing a better experience for players.”

With competitive play such a crucial and integral part of Overwatch 2, the game’s commitment to improving it shows that Blizzard is listening to – and responding to – player feedback. With the Overwatch 2 World Cup imminent, and the Overwatch 2 release date just around the corner, the hints from the executive producer have naturally sparked a flurry of discussions and theories among the community.

With the competitive scene set to receive a significant overhaul in the near future, it’s likely that the upcoming changes will make a very substantial impact on Overwatch 2 – and we can’t wait to find out more.

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