“Overkill” Overwatch statue box is a “fragile” sin

Overwatch collectors edition statue box is designed to protect the product inside, despite some reddit comments.

“Overkill” Overwatch statue box is a “fragile” sin
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Overwatch Overwatch collectors edition statue box

The Overwatch Ana statue is a collector’s edition item, and therefore some of the most important comments are actually about the packaging rather than the Overwatch hero product itself. Most people are actually thankful for the “fragile” sticker and excessive padding inside, but I can’t help but notice some comments about “fragile” box sizes in the Overwatch Overcharge sale thread.

People are thanking Blizzard and the Overwatch Overcharge retailer for the Overwatch Ana statue, but some commenters are more concerned with the size of the box itself.

“The product vs. the packaging: Love collectors editions and such but kinda overkill nowadays with packaging people. Sheesh!” one commenter says.

“It’s more to protect it during shipping. Carriers don’t give a shit if it says fragile or not. If it says fragile, it will likely be handled with disdain. I’d rather have my package overkill so my product can arrive unharmed.” another replies.

“Here’s the other thing with UPS and similar companies, whether or not people are aggressive with your packages or not, the automated system they pass through is thrashing your package, regardless.” another says.

“Tightly package whatever you ship because it’s getting a beating.”

“What are college loading trucks?”

“If it was damaged inside the box you’d be upset.”

“With money spent on CE, id rather it be larger and more padding than receiving it broken.”

“What are you complaining about? Would you rather it break? Absolute hamburger.”

“Do you want your statues to come in a broken mess?”

“Nothing wrong with it, I’d rather bigger well-protected box than getting it broken, ppl seriously complaining about company putting effort into protecting package smh.”

“It’s accounting for the beating packages take during delivery. Those things get tossed around full force. Nobody cares what’s in them.”

“How can it be fragile if it has an Armoured Core?”

“I don’t see an issue in that photo, what are you talking about? Overkill? No, would you rather risk it was damaged when it got to you? That’s far from overkill, looks just the right amount.”

“I’d much rather have excess packaging than a damaged item. I’d appreciate this.”

“It’s a collectors item, the packaging is part of it.”

“If I buy a collectors edition I always save the box. It’s a collectors item… the box is supposed to be cool.”

“You gotta think that a warehouse operative is picking this item from a pallet and it’s going to get handled roughly from the get-go, products need packaging to protect it from handling and shipping operatives.”

“How dare they try to deliver your product intact.”

“You WANT your product to come in damaged?”

“Its a fragile statue, if it came broken with less packaging you’d be bitching about not being protected enough. Only thing people is complain, for fucks sake.”

“Think about it, being that big of a box has a reason, because it costs them more to ship these out to retailers the bigger the boxes get. You can only fit so many into a shipping container.”

“Now tell me, are you sure you wanna complain about packaging?”

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