Overwatch 2 director calls review bombing “unfun”

Overwatch 2 director Jeff Keller addresses review bombing and highlights new modes in the game.

Overwatch 2 director calls review bombing “unfun”
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Overwatch 2 director Jeff Keller addresses review bombing

Overwatch 2 has been the subject of review bombing on Steam in recent days, with players frustrated with the recent cancellations and shutdown in China, and the subsequent stripping back of modes in the multiplayer game. Now, Overwatch 2 director Jeff Keller has weighed in on the topic, acknowledging the review bomb, and saying that the Blizzard FPS game is currently in its best state.

“We know that there has been a lot of frustration surrounding the closure of the Chinese server and the cancellation of the PvE component that was announced last year,” Keller says in a recent update. “While we won’t be reversing course on those decisions, we do intend to focus on adding more content to the game going forward. We appreciate all of the new players that have joined Overwatch 2 on Steam, and we hope you’re all having a blast with the new modes.”

Overwatch 2 has seen a large influx of negative reviews on Steam in recent days, with many players directing their anger at the game’s developers, Blizzard. In addition to the frustration with the recent closures in China, many players feel that new game modes introduced in the recent patch are “watered-down” versions of the game they were promised.

However, while Keller acknowledges the review bombing, he says that the new modes are “in a pretty good place right now,” and that the game overall is in its best state. He also notes that Blizzard won’t be reversing its decision to shutdown the Chinese servers, which means that those players will never be able to play the game again.

The issue of the cancelled PvE component is a little more complicated. When the mode was first announced in 2019, many players felt that it would be a grind-free PvE mode similar to Overwatch 2’s Onslaught mode. However, as time went on and more details were revealed, it became clear that the mode would be a little more grindy than originally promised.

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