How to use the Palia Focus Bar

The Palia Focus Bar gives a bonus to experience points, making mining, crafting, and harvesting skills easier to level up.

How to use the Palia Focus Bar
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

How the Palia Focus Bar Works

Want to know how the Palia Focus Bar works? It’s the second type of experience point bonus we’ve covered in our guide. While the Palia skill experience bar gives a flat bonus to skill experience points when filled, the Focus Bar gives a percentage-based bonus when your current amount of Focus is within its parameters. Having any amount of Focus in your bar gives a 30% experience point bonus, but having a full bar increases it further.

The Focus Bar is situated in the top-left corner of your screen. It represents your current amount of Focus and slowly depletes as you complete skill tasks. To keep it refilled, you need to consume crops, foraged ingredients, and cooked food dishes. As you reach higher levels in Palia, you’ll be able to reach them much more quickly.

Palia Focus Bar Bonuses

Here are the percentages for each Focus level:

Focus Level Experience Bonus
Any amount of Focus 30%
Full Focus Bar Increased further

Since Focus depletes as you complete skill tasks, you need to replenish it periodically. Thankfully, consuming crops, foraged ingredients, and cooked food dishes replenishes your Focus. The more complex the recipe, the more Focus you’ll obtain.

Reaching Gardening level eight also unlocks the Preserves Jar, which can be used to obtain large amounts of Focus-gaining foods without needing many cooking ingredients.

Praying at the Dragon Statue at Maji’s Hollow and spending Renown increases your maximum Focus permanently. Each prayer increases your Focus by 50 points, and Renown caps out at 1,000. We recommend regularly spending Renown on Focus upgrades.

There’s also another Focus-related bonus that can be obtained at Phoenix Falls. Each communion with the Phoenix Statue increases your experience bonus percentage.

Each communion increases the bonus by 5% until it reaches 50%, then increases by 2.5%. Use the Focus Bar effectively, and you’ll level up your skills faster and unlock purchasable rewards from NPC skill shops in Palia.

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