Pokemon with the most form types

Discover which Pokemon have the most form types, from shiny variants to regional forms.

Pokemon with the most form types
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Which Pokemon Have the Most Form Types?

There are over 1000 Pokemon in the series, but some have multiple forms. Consider legendary Pokemon like Ho-Oh and Lugia, who have form differences that affect their appearance and stats. Others, like Deoxys, have multiple forms that affect their stats but not their appearance.

Forms refer to the different ways that Pokemon exist. They come in many different forms, from design changes such as regional forms, to altered types like Pikachu’s regional forms, and evolutions like mega evolved Pokemon. We wanted to know which Pokemon have the highest number of form types, so we did the research.

Here is the list of all the Pokemon with the most form types:

Deoxys has the most form types of any Pokemon, with 14. This includes the normal form, Attack form, Defence form, Speed form, and Legendary form, which all have various stat changes. Deoxys also has two Normal and Speed Formes, as well as two Attack and Defence forms.

Regional forms give older Pokemon a new look and type to fit their evolution in different regions. For example, Pikachu has a form based on the one seen in Tokyo’s Yamanotesan Electric Railway, while Raichu has a form based on the famous Pikachu of Poképark.

Some Pokemon have unique forms tied to specific games, including legendary and mythical Pokemon. These Pokemon have two or three form types that make them quite special, such as Mewtwo and Mew’s legendary status.

Four unique Pokemon have the highest number of alternate forms among legendary and mythical Pokemon.

Non-legendary and mythical Pokemon also have alternate forms, such as Spinda’s unique spot patterns.

Some forms are based on specific mechanics introduced in certain games, like Mega Evolutions and Gigantamaxing. Mega Evolutions are form changes that give a Pokemon a stat boost and access to a new move. Gigantamaxing is similar but is only used on specific Pokemon.

Charizard has the most combined Mega Evolved and Gigantamaxed forms, with four.

Spinda has over 3,000,000 forms due to its random spot patterns.

Alcremie has the most forms with 63, considering its various forms.

No specific Pokemon has the highest number of form types, as many Pokemon have two or three different forms. Pokemon like Charizard and Meowth have multiple form types, such as Mega Evolved, Gigantamaxed, and regional forms.

Currently, no Pokemon is given special preference in terms of the pure number of form types they possess.

That’s the list of the most form types of the various Pokemon. We’ll be updating this list with the newest Pokemon games, so be sure to check back in if you want to know which Pokemon has the most form types in the next game.

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