Pokemon trainer devastated after failing to catch Shiny Dratini

A Pokemon trainer shares their heartbreaking encounter trying to catch a Shiny Dratini in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon trainer devastated after failing to catch Shiny Dratini
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

A Pokemon trainer's heartbreaking encounter

A Pokemon Trainer is devastated after failing to catch a Shiny Dratini in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The unlucky trainer shares a video showcasing the heartbreaking encounter, which has struck a chord with fellow Pokemon players worldwide. While it’s unfortunate that the trainer couldn’t catch the rare Pokemon, their dedication and perseverance will no doubt lead to more memorable Pokemon captures in the future.

Shiny Pokemon and their appeal

Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare and highly sought after in the Pokemon games. Their unique colorations give them a sort of “superstar” status among collectors, and they stand out against regular Pokemon with their vibrant colours.

In the video, the trainer is given the opportunity to catch a Shiny Dratini, one of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Violet. Despite being able to successfully use a Great Ball, the trainer “fumbles” the catch, causing the Shiny Dratini to escape.

“I can’t believe I fumbled the catch,” the trainer says in the video’s caption. “I don’t know what to do with myself.” The trainer then begins to tear up, seemingly in shock at their unfortunate encounter.

The video struck a chord with Pokemon players who have experienced similar disappointments while playing the game. Catching a Shiny Pokemon requires luck and skill, which adds to their appeal. Not only do Shiny Pokemon look different, but they often have special moves or higher Combat Power (CP) as well.

“This really resonated with me,” one player says. “I know exactly how you feel right now.” Another player shares a story about their own encounter where they were unable to catch a Shiny Magikarp despite several Great Balls.

“I had a Charizard, Blastoise, and even Mewtwo, but I never had a Shiny,” another player shares. “Shiny hunting is harder than it looks.” Still others offer words of encouragement and advice for future encounters.

While this particular trainer’s experience is heartbreaking, it serves as a shared experience among the Pokemon community. It highlights the emotional investment players have in the game, and the desire to capture rare Pokemon like Dratini. It also showcases the passion and dedication that Pokemon trainers have, despite their unfortunate mishap.

Curiosity piqued?

In addition to the excitement around rare Pokemon like Dratini, the video also piques the interest of players who haven’t yet experienced the Pokemon game for themselves. If you’re among those who are curious about what all the hype is about, you can learn more about the game with our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet review.

The game is set to launch on 2023, so you still have some time to plan your own journey through the vast world of Pokemon and the wide range of Pokemon you can catch and train.

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