Where to find the Remnant – Atom Splitter

Find the powerful Atom Splitter in Remnant: Defiance and discover its upgrade locations.

Where to find the Remnant – Atom Splitter
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Atom Splitter in Remnant: Defiance

Wondering where to find the Atom Splitter in Remnant? The Atom Splitter is one of the game’s hidden items and a powerful melee weapon. You can find it early in the campaign in the N’Erud world, but its location is random and could potentially spawn in your playthrough.

Our guide discusses the Atom Splitter’s location and how to go about finding it. Since it’s located in a dungeon, we’re also going to talk about how to find the Void Vessel Facility, which is home to some of the best weapons in Remnant: Defiance.

Where to find the Atom Splitter

The Atom Splitter is a melee weapon that packs a punch, especially if you’re using a melee-focused build. It has a sci-fi appearance, and the base damage of 100 is pretty high compared to some of the other melee weapons in the game. Its reach is also longer, and the Atom Splitter comes with a special ability called Fission Strike.

You can find the Atom Splitter in the Void Vessel Facility, which can randomly spawn while you’re navigating through the level. If you’re wondering how to find the entrance to this dungeon, we have the correct answer for you below.

How to find the Void Vessel Facility

To find the Atom Splitter, you’ll want to navigate through the Void Vessel Facility until you reach a dead end. There will be moving robotic arms, and you should see a platform with a ladder to your left. Jump onto the platform when the robotic arms pick it up, and then quickly turn left. You should see another moving platform with a ladder.

Drop down from this second platform to find a room that leads to the Atom Splitter. There’s also a door that leads to the same room, but since you’re already there, you might as well just drop down. If the room doesn’t have the weapon, don’t worry, because it’s completely random and can spawn in other locations inside the Void Vessel Facility.

You can also try finding the Atom Splitter in the following locations:

Regardless of where you find the weapon, its description remains the same. The Atom Splitter is a dependable weapon for close-quarters combat, particularly when low on bullets or unable to reload. Its high damage and special ability make it particularly effective in prolonged engagements with enemies.

If you want to give the Atom Splitter a try, you should definitely equip Mutators that suit your preferred approach. For example, if you’re someone who likes to keep their distance, you can choose the Long Shot and Sniper Scope Mutators to keep enemies at bay using the weapon’s special ability. Alternatively, if you prefer the up-close and personal approach, you can opt for the Axe and Fire Mutators to increase the damage dealt.

That’s everything you need to know about the Remnant – Atom Splitter. The weapon is only one of many hidden items in the game. We also have a guide that talks about where to find the Nova-Hawk, an advanced scout helicopter. If you’re looking to upgrade your weapons, we have a dedicated guide for that as well. Finally, if you’re struggling with the increasingly difficult enemies, here’s the correct solution to the L-Gaim puzzle.

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