In which game did you spend most of your playing hours?

Debating the game that has consumed the most hours of playtime, Civ 5 and Skyrim emerge as popular choices.

In which game did you spend most of your playing hours?
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

What game have you spent most of your playing hours in?

The question sparked a discussion on Reddit, with players sharing their experiences with different games and the amount of time they’ve spent in them.

Many users mentioned Civilization 5, with one user claiming to have played over 2000 hours. Others shared their experiences with other older games, such as Civ 2, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Gothic 2, and even old school Runescape.

Personally, I’d have to go with Skyrim, as I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into it. There’s something about the freedom of an open-world game that makes it so easy to lose track of time, especially when you’re just wandering around, exploring, and getting distracted by all the little things the world has to offer. Some lighthearted comments below include “staying in certain chapters for as long as possible,” and “getting stuck inside the mountain for two weeks.”

World of Warcraft (WoW) was a popular choice, with one user admitting to having played over 7000 hours on their main character alone. While some expressed that it became overwhelming, and that the amount of time they spent playing made them feel like a “real WoW employee,” others said they would never stop playing.

“Play other games,” one user recommends. “I used to play WoW and it was fun at first but it became all-encompassing, and felt like a second job. I quit and now I’m much happier.”

“My best experience with a game was with Skyrim,” another replies. “I sunk over a thousand hours into it and had an amazing time.”

Below, you can see a selection of some of the comments from the discussion.

“I loved the vastness of RDR2,” one user praises. “The endless possibilities for exploration, activities, and how the world reacted to my actions,” mentioning the detailed world and how it changes and reacts to the player.

However, there were some who found the gameplay and mission structure of RDR2 to be restrictive and repetitive. “The gameplay was too repetitive and restrictive. The mission structure was too linear,” one user says. Despite this, many others agreed that RDR2 is visually stunning, and has a fantastic story.

The discussion also touched on the completionist aspect of RDR2, with some players mentioning the challenge of collecting items for the Legend of the East satchel. “I don’t think I’ve ever sunk so much time into a game as I did with RDR2,” one user shares. “I spent weeks roaming, hunting, and collecting items. It’s still one of my favorite games.”

“I spent so much time in RDR2,” another agrees. “I miss roaming around in RDR2,” another adds.

“I sank so much time into GTA IV and RDR2,” one user says. “I spent most of my childhood in GTA 4,” another replies.

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