“I’ve experienced everything games have to offer” – The best game recommendations

Looking for game recommendations for someone who claims to have experienced everything? Check out our list of must-play games for the most played person you know.

“I’ve experienced everything games have to offer” – The best game recommendations
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Looking for game recommendations for someone who claims to have experienced everything?

From the classics to the latest triple-A titles, we all know someone who’s played it all. Whether they’re just being humble, or they genuinely believe they’ve experienced all that gaming has to offer, this person is probably asking for game recommendations.

So what do you recommend for someone who’s played everything? Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of recommendations for the most played person you know. Whether it’s for a long holiday, or their birthday, we’ve got recommendations for every type of gamer.

Play Outer Wilds

“Outer Wilds is a very artistic game,” one user writes, “and is extremely refreshing, so I highly recommend it.” Another user says, “If you’re going to recommend any game, recommend Outer Wilds.”

Outer Wilds is like Journey, but on a planet, and with more possibilities. It’s an artistic game where you are forever trying to explore your strange new planet. It’s best experienced completely blind, so if you want to know more, read our Outer Wilds review. Otherwise, just trust us, it’s great.

Inscryption and The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is a funny game that is best described as a walking simulator with constant narration. You follow instructions from a narrator that is constantly commenting on your every move, and the game is constantly subverting your expectations. It’s a very darkly humorous game that will make you question your reality.

Inscryption is a similar game, although less well-known. It’s a weird, puzzle-y game that makes you question your reality. Describing itself as a meta-puzzle game, Inscryption is a mind-bending game that will make you question your very existence.

Death Stranding

“This is a weird one,” one user writes, “but you might want to try Death Stranding.” Another user responds, “I’ve heard it’s pretty weird, but I don’t know, maybe it’ll be your jam.”

Death Stranding is weird, there’s no denying it. But it’s also awesome, and a game that we’d recommend even to those who don’t typically play games. If you want to know more about the game, check out our Death Stranding review.

Return of the Obra Dinn

“Return of the Obra Dinn is a unique game,” one user writes, “and it reignites the love for gaming.” Another recommends it as a game that is “very different,” and “very unique.”

Return of the Obra Dinn is a first-person puzzle game where you are investigating a shipwreck. You slowly uncover the story of the Obra Dinn through documents and notes, piecing together the events of the ship through clues. It’s a very different game that’s unlike anything we’ve played before.

Disco Elysium

“Disco Elysium is unlike any other game,” one user writes, “and it is almost impossible to describe what it is about.” Another describes it as “a game that is unlike any other”, and praises its “unparalleled gameplay experience.”

Disco Elysium is a weird, Open-world RPG that is unlike any other game. It’s a game that’s hard to describe, much like Disco Elysium itself, but you should know that it’s a very unique experience.


“If you want a game that’s weird,” one user suggests, “try Tunic.” Another writes, “I highly recommend Tunic,” and a third writes, “Tunic is a really great game.”

Tunic is a weird, colourful game that we’d describe as a Zelda-like game, but also not because of its gameplay. Its art style is reminiscent of games like Journey or Abzu, but Tunic is also unlike anything we’ve played before.

Other must-play games

There are plenty more games that our users recommend for the person who’s played it all.

Chess and Go are both recommended as alternative games to try, with Chess being praised for its simplicity and Go being praised for its vast possibilities.

Some users suggest exploring less famous indie titles that are made with love and care. “Try less famous indie titles,” one writes, “they often have something unique to offer.”

“Try Sekiro,” another writes, “it’s challenging and, I believe, will reignite your passion” (although they end the post with several emojis crying with laughter).

“Try Everything,” a user writes, “it’s a relaxing game with a unique concept,” and although we haven’t played this one yet, it does look really cool.

“Try literally anything else besides gaming,” one user writes, and another responds, “Try Risk: Global Domination and Governor of Poker 3, they scratch the gaming itch” (again, several emojis crying with laughter are used to end this post).

If the person you’re recommending for hasn’t already tried survival builders like Valheim, Rust, and Subnautica, then they are definitely games that they’d enjoy. “If they like survival games,” one user writes, “try out Rust.”

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