The choices you always make in multiple choice games

Gamers share their favorite choices in multiple choice games, from Mass Effect to Skyrim.

The choices you always make in multiple choice games
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Gamers have shared their experiences of playing multiple choice games and the choices they always make, whether it’s because they prefer certain outcomes, or they have a soft spot for a particular character.

When a game gives you a choice, you’re likely to have a go at making all of them. Sometimes, though, you come to a decision, and you just know what you’re going to do. Sometimes it’s because you prefer that outcome, other times it’s because you find it amusing, and in some cases, you just have a special little place in your heart for a particular character.

One Mass Effect player says they “never kill Wrex,” while another mentions they always choose to kill him, despite doing so every time through the game. In Skyrim, many players refuse to kill Paarthurnax, instead using a mod to change the outcome, while others say they always punch the reporter in Mass Effect – the decision to punch the reporter is so popular that it’s actually referenced in Mass Effect 2.

Other popular choices include never harvesting little sisters in Bioshock, opting for low chaos in the Dishonored games because it feels cool to be sneaky and stealthy, and never letting Yuna die in Final Fantasy X.

Here are some of the most common choices players tend to make every time they play through multiple choice games:

In the Mass Effect trilogy, these are some of the choices players consistently make:

Players of Detroit: Become Human consistently pick up the fish in this particular scene:

The Walking Dead: Season 1 players cannot bring themselves to shoot Lee, wanting to protect their beloved character:

In The Witcher 3, these players go for the threesome with Geralt, Yennefer, and Triss, even though they know it’s a trap:

While others mention that they feel the need to save Chloe in Life is Strange, regardless of the consequences:

Other players mention saving Kaidan in Mass Effect, marrying Penny in Stardew Valley, and choosing specific dialogue options in various games:

There are also some humorous choices, such as throwing the little penguin off the edge in Super Mario 64:

Overall, it seems that, when it comes to multiple choice games, we have certain choices we make consistently, whether it’s because we prefer certain outcomes, find them amusing, or simply have a soft spot for particular characters.

Take a look through some more of our favourite PC games for even more fantastic choices. Maybe you’ll even find something new to try out the next time you go through your favourite games. For example, I’m definitely going to give the threesome in The Witcher 3 a shot, even though I know it’s a trap.

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