Soulframe gameplay presentation generates excitement and potential investment

The first glimpse at Soulframe gameplay offers a slower-paced, more grounded fantasy action RPG from Warframe developer Digital Extremes.

Soulframe gameplay presentation generates excitement and potential investment
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

The first glimpse at Soulframe gameplay has arrived, and anticipation for the fantasy action RPG from Warframe developer Digital Extremes has been piqued. Following initial skepticism, the TennoCon presentation offered a look at the game’s visuals, characters, combat, and more, with a cautious optimism emerging among fans.

Soulframe: A Slow and Pensive Fantasy Action RPG

While Warframe is all about fast-paced, acrobatic combat and high-energy, sci-fi environments, Soulframe appears to offer a very different experience. Developer Steve Sinclair describes it as “slow and pensive,” with player Envoy characters reclaiming a magical ancestral world from a corrupting force.

The new gameplay trailer (below) highlights this medieval-inspired fantasy aesthetic, with a little bit of occult thrown in for good measure. There’s also plenty of surreal, unique, and beautiful landscapes on offer, alongside a glimpse at the game’s unique home hub, which appears to be a vast silver watery surface dotted with islands.

The UI draws plenty of inspiration from illuminated manuscripts, giving the game a distinct visual style. In terms of gameplay, we see plenty of acrobatics and combat, with a focus on player skill rather than any form of automated targeting or combat aids.

Sinclair also teases that players will be signing magical pacts with Ancestors, gaining their powers and fighting against the invading Ode forces – although we’re yet to see any of that in action.

It’s still difficult to get a sense of scale from the footage, but it certainly looks like Soulframe will offer an open-ish world, with procedural levels and dungeons similar to Warframe’s MMO-lite structure. The developer also teases that there will be swappable skillsets, weapons, and three core stats: Courage, Spirit, and Grace.

Despite some initial skepticism, the presentation has generated plenty of excitement and potential investment. I’m personally still a little cautious – I’m a fan of Warframe, but I’m not sure I’m ready for a completely different experience. That said, if Digital Extremes can continue to generate interest and excitement around Soulframe, I may just cave and sign up to the beta.

You can do just that by heading to the game’s website and signing up for more information. The game is expected to launch in late 2024.

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