The Expanse’s Camina Drummer is more than just a badass

Explore the different portrayals of The Expanse's Camina Drummer across mediums.

The Expanse’s Camina Drummer is more than just a badass
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

The Expanse's Camina Drummer

The Expanse has a lot of characters. With the various mediums including the TV show, books, and even a video game, you’re bound to miss some of them as you delve into the near future where humanity has spread across the Milky Way. While you might recognise The Expanse’s Camina Drummer, you might not know how she’s portrayed in each of the different stories.

Camina Drummer in the Book Series

In the Expanse book series, Camina Drummer is introduced as the acting Chief of Security at Tycho Station and a member of the Outer Planets Alliance (OPA). She’s born and raised on Ceres, working in the docks, until she rose through the ranks of the OPA under Anderson Dawes. After abandoning Dawes for Fred Johnson, she becomes the acting head of Tycho Station and eventually the President of the Transport Union.

Camina Drummer in the TV Show

The TV show combines elements from several characters to form Camina, with Samara Rosenberg and Carlos c de Baca being the most notable, alongside a stronger relationship with Naomi. She forms a polyamorous relationship with her crew, is a no-nonsense Belter, and treats other Belters with respect. Camina cooperates with enemies and makes compromises for the survival of her allies, respecting her superiors and their commands.

Camina Drummer in the Video Game

While Camina’s TV show characterization is much more developed than her book counterpart, the video game offers a small taste of what Camina is like in The Expanse. Represented as a younger version of herself, Camina is part of a crew searching for scrap and supplies. You can make choices that impact her relationships with other crew members, including pursuing a romantic relationship with Maya Castillo or keeping things professional. The game also allows you to uncover the past and motivations of the crew members, helping a drug-addicted crew member and finding items for other crew members.

The game’s notable event is a choice at the end of the first chapter. Camina can either kill or imprison the ship’s captain, and the choice has a large impact on the rest of the game. It shapes her past and helps you understand why she is the way she is, with her time as a security chief on Ceres and her time in the OPA.

If you’re a fan of The Expanse and have some time to spare, it’s worth playing to see another side of Camina. If you’re not familiar with The Expanse, it’s one of the best sci-fi shows around – here’s why.

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