Wipeout remastered, now playable in a browser, coder urges Sony to take action

A fan project brings the remastered version of Wipeout to your browser using leaked code, while urging Sony to take notice.

Wipeout remastered, now playable in a browser, coder urges Sony to take action
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Wipeout Remastered Playable in Browser with Leaked Code

A coding fan has made the remastered version of Wipeout playable in a browser using leaked source code. The developer, known as Dom, has rewritten the entire game from scratch, keeping it accessible via a web browser.

Dom states, "I am rewriting the entire game using the original source code and assets. It's playable in a browser, and even works on mobile." This project is remarkable and would likely interest Sony, which has been focused on retro-inspired initiatives like the PlayStation Classic and PlayStation 2.

Dom expresses a desire to contact Sony for an officially sanctioned remaster but is unable to find any contact information on their website. Dom is using code from Wipeout ATI 3D Rage Edition, a less impressive port of the game bundled with select ATI GPUs.

Although flawed, the code has been significantly improved, reducing 40,699 lines to 7,731, resulting in smoother gameplay when played via a browser. The remastered version retains the essence of the original while enhancing the framerate, making it a fantastic experience for fans.

Sony has shown little interest in older Wipeout games, and Dom acknowledges the possibility of the project being shut down if Sony is uninterested in a remake. Regardless, this fan project is a wonderful example of how the original PlayStation continues to be a vibrant piece of hardware.

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