Apex Legends players are furious after bug ruins tournament

An Apex Legends bug disrupts tournament match, sparking player outrage and highlighting the need for improved bug detection.

Apex Legends players are furious after bug ruins tournament
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Apex Legends Rampart turret bug

Apex Legends players are furious over a game-breaking bug in the FPS game that impacts Rampart’s turret. The issue was spotted during a Japanese tournament, forcing teams to call a premature end to matches due to the Rampart glitch. Players are demanding more transparency from the developers in addressing these issues, which have repeatedly impacted gameplay.

“This is absolutely unacceptable,” one Apex Legends player says in response to the tournament footage. “If this were a casual game, sure, but this is a tournament.” Other players take to Twitter to express their disappointment, with some suggesting a boycott of the game until the issue is resolved.

“This has been a known issue in the game for ages,” another player says. “It’s frustrating because it shouldn’t take a tournament getting ruined for them to patch it.” It’s the latest in a series of issues plaguing Apex Legends, which has faced criticism for its handling of bugs and glitches.

In a clip shared by Apex Legends player Jiggy Jiggy, seen above, Rampart’s turret becomes invisible, forcing teams to call a premature end to their matches in the ESL Apex Legends Tournament.

“This is why people are so turned off by Apex Legends,” another player says. “It’s getting embarrassing for the developers to watch their game get ruined over and over, and they can’t figure out why.”

“It’s one thing to have these bugs in casual matches, but these are the top players in Japan competing for big money,” another player says. “This is not good.”

Apex Legends has seen a number of high-profile issues in recent months, including an apparent aimbot problem, an infinite jump exploit, and a “sexy” commando bug. Respawn has said it is “aware of the current issues and are working to address them as quickly as possible.” We will update this story with any further comment from the developer.

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