Apex Legends Ranked players are using a Med Kit glitch to cheat their way to top

Apex Legends Ranked players are exploiting a Med Kit glitch to climb the ranks quickly, in the latest case of cheats in the Respawn FPS game.

Apex Legends Ranked players are using a Med Kit glitch to cheat their way to top
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Apex Legends Ranked players are using a Med Kit glitch to rake up Legend Points (LP) without even playing the game, rapidly ascending to the highest rank, Predator, in mere games thanks to the exploit.

While the glitch is likely to prompt a response from Respawn Entertainment, the developer which has previously taken action against players who have exploited glitches in the FPS game, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle against cheating in online games.

As Apex Legends continues to grow in popularity, maintaining a fair and balanced Ranked system becomes increasingly important. While many players are using the glitch to bypass the usual grind of climbing the ranks, it undermines the integrity of the system.

According to reports from the community, the glitch allows players to gain over 100 LP per game by simply using Med Kits. By doing so, players can gain LP without actually playing the game, undermining the entire Ranked system in Apex Legends.

“The Med Kit LP glitch is real and it’s ruining ranked,” one player says. “I just played a game where the enemy team used this glitch and got to Predator in under three minutes.”

“The LP exploit is still going strong and is getting out of hand,” another says. “It’s ridiculous and it’s preventing true grinders from reaching higher ranks.”

Respawn has yet to address the issue, which is likely to spur an investigation into the root cause. While the developer will likely seek to patch the glitch, it serves as a reminder that Apex Legends – and all online games – will continue to face challenges as it grows.

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