Apex Legends players think Valkyrie’s ult is now useless

Apex Legends players worry that Valkyrie's ultimate ability is rendered useless with the introduction of evac towers, impacting the current meta.

Apex Legends players think Valkyrie’s ult is now useless
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Apex Legends players concerned about Valkyrie's ultimate ability

When Apex Legends Valkyrie players were asked about their concerns with the current meta, many mentioned that they felt her ultimate ability was no longer viable in the FPS game. In short, they believe that the introduction of evac towers has made it so that it’s no longer a liability to die near one, meaning that Valkyrie can’t use her revive ability to swing the tide of a battle.

Players say that evac towers now overshadow Valkyrie’s unique skill, which is her ability to resurrect teammates at the start of a match when the team jumps out of the plane at the start of a match. This used to be incredibly valuable in the early game, but now players believe that it’s no longer valuable given the current state of the game.

“The meta has shifted away from Valkyrie’s playstyle and abilities,” one player writes. “I think that the only thing that would bring her back in line would be a rework to her ult.”

The discussion about Valkyrie’s ultimate ability highlights how players are concerned about the impact of the change on the overall meta of the game. It’s not just about Valkyrie, either; players are also discussing whether the change impacted the overall balance of the game, and whether it’s now too easy to die in Apex Legends.

“The game overall is probably too easy to die in, but that’s a discussion for another time,” another player replies. “The evac towers make Valkyrie’s ultimate ability unusable, so I don’t think it will be balanced until they are reworked or removed.”

Some players suggest that the evac towers should be removed or modified to address this issue, while others say that Valkyrie should receive a buff instead. The overall divide between players reflects the passionate community that has developed around the game, where players are very concerned about preserving the unique abilities and playstyles of each Legend.

The complaints about Valkyrie’s ultimate ability highlight the importance of maintaining balance in the game, as new features can sometimes disrupt the established meta and player dynamics. Respawn has a history of listening to player feedback, so we’ll have to see how they respond to the concerns raised here.

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