Blasphemous 2: all Wax Seed locations

Find all Blasphemous 2 Wax Seed locations in The Severed Tower to aid Cesáreo in his battle against a formidable foe.

Blasphemous 2: all Wax Seed locations
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Blasphemous 2 Wax Seed locations

Are you looking for all Blasphemous 2 Wax Seed locations? The Severed Tower is one of the most difficult areas in the game, and a formidable foe resides within. Cesáreo has been locked in combat with the monstrosity for centuries, and he now seeks your help to finish the job.

The Severed Tower is home to this massive creature, and to reach it, you’ll need to find all six Wax Seed locations first. Cesáreo will then use them to restore the protective barrier around his cursed domain. As you’d expect, The Severed Tower is home to many challenging enemies, but with the right preparation, you should be able to complete the task at hand.

The first Wax Seed is available for purchase from the Merchant in the City of the Blessed Name for 12000 Tears of Atonement.

You can find the second Wax Seed in the Labyrinth of Tides. You’ll need the Scions’ Protection Ability to cross the spike pit.

The Traveling Merchant can be found in the Repose of the Silent One or the Crimson Rains regions. He doesn’t appear in every region, so be sure to check his location beforehand.

The fourth Wax Seed is located in the inverted section of the Two Moons dungeon. You’ll need to use the Scions’ Mobility Ability to traverse the spike pit.

Head to the Grilles and Ruin region, accessible through the Streets of Wakes region. You’ll need to break the breakable wall to obtain the fifth Wax Seed.

You can find the sixth and final Wax Seed in the Aqueduct of the Costales region. It’s in the northwest area and requires the Scions’ Mobility ability to reach.

Once you’ve obtained all six Wax Seeds, return to Cesáreo in The Severed Tower. He’ll ask you to place the Seeds in the ground, which will restore the protective barrier. Do as he says and insert all six Wax Seeds into the ground to complete the questline.

Blasphemous 2 Remembrance of Cesáreo use

Once you’ve completed Cesáreo’s questline, you can take the Remembrance to the Sculptor in the City of the Blessed Name to receive The Selfless Father Altarpiece of Favour. This reduces your Fervor usage by 25 percent.

That’s all you need to complete Cesáreo’s questline in Blasphemous 2. Once you return the Remembrance to the Sculptor, you’ll be able to benefit from your efforts.

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