Blasphemous 2: The 11 hardest bosses

Prepare for a hard fight against the 11 hardest bosses in Blasphemous 2, including a duel and a unique platforming boss.

Blasphemous 2: The 11 hardest bosses
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

The 11 hardest bosses in Blasphemous 2

The 11 hardest bosses in Blasphemous 2 are tough. Really tough. The Soulsborne-style game is full of punishing boss fights that demand precision, patience, and a cool head. If you’re still struggling to beat the sequel to the best PC game, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered.

As with the best games like Souls games, Blasphemous 2’s bosses offer a mix of intricate designs, punishing movesets, and tough-but-fair gameplay. Some of the hardest bosses will test your patience, while others will force you to master a specific mechanic to have a fighting chance. We’ve had plenty of time to fight with these bosses, so here are the 11 hardest bosses in Blasphemous 2.

The Faceless One

The Faceless One serves as the tutorial boss for the game, introducing you to the game’s tough-but-fair philosophy. The fight has a simple moveset and teaches you how to use the dodge roll, parry, and backdash. The opening fight might be simple, but it’s incredibly difficult to get past the opening gate without taking a hit.

Great Preceptor Radames

Great Preceptor Radames is one of the easier bosses, mostly because he’s lumbering and slow. The only attack that he uses during the fight is his living tree attack, which has a long wind-up. If you’re familiar with dodging attacks from the Souls games, you should be able to get through this fight with a little bit of patience.


Orospina is an incredibly agile opponent, which makes her a difficult foe to face in combat. Her attacks come out fast, and she’s always moving, making it difficult to land hits on her. Orospina’s fight will test your dodging skills and your ability to parry.

The Benedicta

The Benedicta fight is definitely different from the rest of the bosses in Blasphemous 2. While the other bosses have traditional arenas, Benedicta’s arena is a series of platforms that the two fight on. Benedicta uses a bow and arrow, which deals heavy damage if you’re hit by one of her arrows. She also has a charge attack that can be avoided by dodging at the right time.


Svsona, the last hurdle before the endgame, is a difficult boss because she’s lightning fast, hits hard, and demands precision. Her attacks are difficult to dodge, and she changes directions frequently, so you’ll want to use the air dash to avoid her attacks. If you can defeat Svsona, you’re practically home free.


Afilaor is, in our eyes, the hardest boss in Blasphemous 2. This boss has a flurry of blades coming at you and attacks at a relentless pace. You’ll want to use the dodge roll to avoid attacks and parry when you have an opening. Like Orospina, this fight will test your dodging skills and your ability to parry.


Sinodo is a complex boss with three distinct forms. Sinodo attacks with three different types of magic: fire, poison, and lightning. Each form has three different attacks, and you’ll have to switch your gear to counter each of those elements. Sinodo’s second form is the hardest, as he attacks with three magic projectiles at the same time.

Incarnate Devotion

Incarnate Devotion is the final boss, and she’s an amalgamation of the bosses that you’ve faced before. She has a smaller moveset than most of the other bosses, and she’s incredibly fast. Her mobility is her greatest strength in this fight, forcing you to dodge often to avoid her attacks. This fight will test your mastery of the air dash.

Lesmes and Infanta

Lesmes and Infanta is a duo boss fight that’s as difficult as it is frustrating. Lesmes can summon Infanta to attack you alongside him. The fight also tests endurance, as there are parts of the arena that take damage as you fight. There are two phases to this fight, with the second phase resembling a duel from a Souls game.


Odón attacks before the proper boss fight. He attacks you in a dark room before the fight begins, and he summons powerful enemies to fight alongside him. Odón is a tricky boss because he attacks before you enter the arena. His attacks are difficult to dodge, forcing you to use parries to stun him. The first phase is difficult, but the second phase is even worse.

Back-to-back Brawl

The penultimate battle is a back-to-back brawl with two tricky bosses. The first phase is a tough fight against Odón, but the second phase is even harder. The second phase is a duel against Lesmes and Infanta, requiring you to parry their attacks while you’re locked in close-quarters combat. The second phase is similar to the Smouldering Lake boss fight against Lava Lord.


Eviterno is the most difficult boss in Blasphemous 2, and it’s a real worthy challenge. The fight starts with a duel against Orospina. Eviterno’s attacks are difficult to dodge, and he often changes directions mid-attack. Eviterno’s true form is even more devastating, requiring you to time parries and dodge rolls perfectly.

And there you have it, our list of the 11 hardest bosses in Blasphemous 2. If you want more Blasphemous 2 content, we’ve got a full walkthrough on how to beat the game and a list of all the collectibles you can find in the final area of the game.

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