How to get the Lullaby of the White Shore in Blasphemous 2

Use the lullaby you find to progress through the Lullaby quest in the highly challenging platforming sequence.

How to get the Lullaby of the White Shore in Blasphemous 2
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Searching for the Lullaby of the White Shore?

After finding lullaby pieces throughout the world, you’re tasked with completing this challenging platforming quest, with some fiendish puzzles to solve. Five Unfinished Lullabies are spread across the game, with Blasphemous 2 rewarding you with the powerful defensive chant, Tiento, upon completion. Our guide covers where to find the first lullaby, Sacred Entombments, and how to proceed through the rest of the quest.

The Lullaby of the White Shore is just one of many collectibles in Blasphemous 2. You’ll be exploring a vast, cursed land, and there are plenty of big rewards to find, including Cura and Cura Oscura potions, and even the best weapons in the game.

Blasphemous 2 Lullaby of the White Shore location

The Lullaby of the White Shore is found in Sacred Entombments, after breaking a hidden wall. Look for a gap in the wall, and then return to the room with the puzzle to lower the platform.

Blasphemous 2 Unfinished Lullaby locations

After obtaining the first lullaby, several new sections are now open to explore. There are five Unfinished Lullabies in total, with the Crown of Towers and Basilica of Absent Faces sections already open at this point.

Crown of Towers

From the platform that the Unfinished Lullaby is on, head left to find the item on a ledge. Use the lantern’s ability to draw a path across the gap, and then return to the platform to cross the gap.

Basilica of Absent Faces

At the top of the building, use the lantern to draw a path across the gap. Drop down to the lower platform and push the block to create a bridge across the gap. Use the lantern again to guide you to the Unfinished Lullaby.

Severed Tower

Use the lantern’s ability to draw a path across the gap. This time, keep running to the left, and use the lantern again to create a path to the platform with the Unfinished Lullaby.

Blasphemous 2 Unfinished Lullaby rewards

Reach the Severed Tower to find the fifth and final lullaby. Obtaining the fifth lullaby completes the quest and grants you the Lullaby of the White Shore key item.

Take the completed lullaby to an NPC in Profundo Lamento to progress the quest. Speak to the giant woman and give her the lullaby. Access the ‘Dream’ to continue the quest.

You’ll now be taken through a short side-scroller challenge in the ‘Dream’ sequence. Overcome familiar challenges as mist approaches faster and faster, until you’re forced to defeat the giant woman once again.

After the fight, you’ll be rewarded with Tiento, the powerful defensive chant you can use to protect yourself from damage for a short period of time. Finish the quest and obtain the powerful defensive chant in Blasphemous 2.

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