Cyberpunk 2077 Steam rating reaches “very positive” as devs celebrate

Cyberpunk 2077 Steam rating reaches “very positive” as CD Projekt Red celebrates a major milestone for the action RPG game.

Cyberpunk 2077 Steam rating reaches “very positive” as devs celebrate
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Cyberpunk 2077 Steam User Rating Reaches “Very Positive”

Cyberpunk 2077 Steam user rating has reached a ‘very positive’ rating after more than two years of work, indicating that the bulk of the RPG game's user reviews are positive. The Steam page rating has shifted from ‘mostly positive’ to ‘very positive,’ meaning that 80% of its over 553,000 user ratings are now positive. CD Projekt Red global community director, Marcin Momot, expresses gratitude to fans for acknowledging the team's hard work over the years since the game’s release.

“It’s been almost six years since we released Cyberpunk 2077 and almost two years since the last major update,” Momot says. “And yet, despite its initial reputation, the game was considered decent on PC, especially for those with powerful rigs.”

While PC players generally gave the game positive marks, things were worse on consoles. Despite positive reviews, the game’s Steam score never rose above no less than 70%, a score considered ‘mostly positive.’ Even during its worst condition, the game received positive reviews, but they weren’t enough to raise the overall score.

CD Projekt Red persevered and slowly turned things around. Improvement was seen in November 2021, when new user reviews climbed to ‘very positive’ due to the Steam Autumn Sale. The overall rating remained ‘mostly positive,’ but continued new positive reviews gradually increased the rating.

The Edgerunners Update

The Edgerunners update, released alongside the Netflix show, helped by addressing some persistent issues. The lack of cosmetic armor slots, for example, was rectified. Other improvements were less visible but just as welcome, such as a fix for the broken dialogue tree with Dina in Chippenham.

If the Steam page still shows ‘mostly positive,’ it may be due to user review settings. Users have the option to exclude ‘off-topic reviews,’ which can affect the overall rating.

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