Bambu Lab launches new 3D model site to simplify 3D printing for all

Bambu Lab launches new 3D model site, MakerWorld, to make 3D printing easier for all users

Bambu Lab launches new 3D model site to simplify 3D printing for all
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Bambu Lab launches MakerWorld

Bambu Lab, the maker of highly regarded 3D printers, has launched a new 3D model site, MakerWorld, to simplify 3D printing for all users. The site aims to remove technical barriers by providing pre-sliced models and filament profiles, and will go head-to-head with the likes of Printables, Thangs, and Thingiverse in the 3D printing hub market.

MakerWorld will rely on the community’s volunteer efforts to share knowledge and models, and will reward users for interactions to help boost its content. The site will stand out by inviting expert makers to share pre-sliced files in g-code format, something that will appeal to more advanced users.

Bambu Lab’s P1S and P1P are both highly regarded 3D printers, and both offer speed, quality, and 16-color prints. With MakerWorld, the company aims to widen its appeal by welcoming users regardless of the brand of their 3D printer.

“We believe the biggest obstacle for you to start 3D printing is the very complex workflow,” Bambu Lab CEO and founder Finn Bosted says. “We want to make 3D printing as simple as possible and invite everyone to join the 3D printing revolution.”

MakerWorld will employ a cloud-based slicer to ensure proper handling of g-codes, and will welcome models from any file format. It will also employ a points-based user system to reward interactions, and will use points to redeem for models, filament, and more.

“Our goal is to make MakerWorld the ultimate community-driven 3D printing hub,” Bosted says. “We will achieve this by allowing the community to share their knowledge and make 3D printing more accessible and inclusive to all. In turn, we will reward our users for their interactions with MakerWorld points.”

Bambu Lab says it will welcome all models as long as they are either shared under a “permissive license” or are original creations by the uploader. It adds that it will protect the intellectual property rights of original sources and will link back to them wherever possible.

“We will have a dedicated team that handles any infringement issues,” Bambu Lab says. “If we find that a model infringes on your intellectual property rights, we will have the model removed.”

MakerWorld will also employ crowdsourced filament profiles to enhance the collective knowledge base, and says it will welcome filament manufacturers to provide official profiles for their brands.

The beta testing of MakerWorld will continue in the coming weeks, with plans to expand it further in the future. You can check it out here.

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