Is the DIY Playstation Portal worth it?

Is the DIY Playstation Portal with Controller Support, Bluetooth, on board applications, and mobile data for $15 really a steal?

Is the DIY Playstation Portal worth it?
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

The DIY Playstation Portal

A DIY Playstation Portal is on the horizon, with a full package costing just $15. With controller support, Bluetooth, on board applications, and mobile data included, what’s not to love? Well, besides the fact that you’ll have to put it together yourself and that it won’t be compatible with PSnow…

The concept has generated mixed opinions among users, with some expressing their enthusiasm with comments like “#ROCK AND STONE TO THE BONE” and “10/10.” Others take a more critical approach, pointing out the lack of Bluetooth and PSnow support and the high price of the Portal, especially when compared to the cost of a Nintendo Switch.

“I already have a laptop,” one user responds. “Why would I pay $200 for this?” Another argues that a dedicated accessory like the Portal would provide a better experience than using a phone, but others counter that a multipurpose device is more valuable than a single-use one.

The debate quickly shifts to the quality of game streaming, with some users claiming that phones are worse than devices like the Steam Deck for remote play. “I’ve tried playing it on my phone,” another user responds. “It’s not even comparable.” The conversation continues, with another user arguing that the quality of the network interface and connection is more important than the client’s processing power.

The Portal’s lack of thoughtful design and the potential for stick drift on non-detachable joycons are also mentioned, with a user pointing out that an iPad running iOS 13 can be used for remote play. “Surprise,” they reply when another user realizes this fact. “It’s really not that hard to connect your console to your router… why does this surprise me?”

In the end, while the DIY Playstation Portal does seem like a good deal on paper, the fact that users can achieve similar functionality with devices they already own is a point that cannot be ignored. As such, it seems that those recommending the device are less informed than those who have done their research and know better.

If you do want a PlayStation Portal, the cost breakdown is shown below. Keep in mind that the $15 price tag is mainly for the controller mount, but even so, it’s hard to see why anyone would spend more on a device that only offers remote play, especially when alternatives like the Nintendo Switch exist.

A multipurpose device like the Switch certainly won’t be better for every type of game, but the absurdity of paying $200 for a device that only offers remote play is undeniable. The comparison to a worse version of the Wii U is a good one, and the fact that multitasking, like gaming and watching TV simultaneously, might be a benefit is also nice to see.

Featured image credit: Chris Passory via YouTube.

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