The most powerful videogame abilities according to Reddit users

If I could have any power, skill, or ability from a videogame character, what would it be? That's the question one Reddit post posed, and the responses were as diverse as the gaming world itself.

The most powerful videogame abilities according to Reddit users
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

If I could have any power, skill, or ability from a videogame character, what would it be? It’s a simple question that speaks to our deepest desires and childhood dreams. If I could pluck an ability from my favourite game and wield it like a magic wand, what would it be?

Infinite Creativity

In a Reddit thread that asked this very question, users expressed a myriad of wishes, with many leaning towards the ability to harness the power of creation. Some cited games like Scribblenauts and Minecraft as inspiration, while others expressed a desire for the power to summon objects and build anything they desire. Who wouldn’t want this? Who wouldn’t want to be able to conjure what they need out of thin air? It’s the ultimate form of freedom and creativity.

Time Manipulation

Other users leaned towards more practical abilities, with time manipulation cited often. Games like Prince of Persia and Life is Strange were mentioned as games that allow the player to manipulate time, allowing them to take out enemies with ease or simply relax. This desire for relaxation speaks to the stress we all feel in our daily lives, and the wish for something that could provide us with the opportunity to slow down and breathe.

Superhuman Strength and Healing

Some users yearned for superhuman strength and healing, with Kratos from God of War and the Dragonborn from The Elder Scrolls series mentioned often. The idea of being able to heal any injury or illness quickly and completely was also seen as a life-changing power. Who among us wouldn’t want to be able to take out all of our daily stresses by punching them into oblivion?

Mystical Abilities

Others were drawn to more mystical abilities, such as the Force from Star Wars, or the ability to use Dragon Shouts from Skyrim. The potential to earn money by healing others was also mentioned. The willingness to heal others and heal oneself struck a chord, as did the ability to mess with people’s minds.

Infinite Inventory Space

Several users mentioned the allure of infinite inventory space, a popular feature in many RPG games. The idea of never having to worry about weight limits or running out of space was seen as a dream come true for hoarders and collectors.

Lighthearted Desires

Some users had more lighthearted desires, like the ability to eat without gaining weight, as in Skyrim, or the ability to get extra lives by touching a mushroom, a nod to the iconic power-ups in the Super Mario games.

The comments also revealed a sense of nostalgia, with users reminiscing about favorite childhood games like Scribblenauts, Zelda, and Duke Nukem.

Whichever videogame power you choose, whether it’s practical or pure fantasy, it speaks to the desire to have extraordinary powers and abilities that would enhance your life in ways both practical and fantastical. So, if you could choose any power, skill, or ability from a video game character, what would it be? Let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you. After all, in the world of gaming, anything is possible.

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