Disney fans, get excited for this bizarre, beautiful new game

Classic Disney meets 2D horror in this unique new game that we couldn't stop playing at Gamescom.

Disney fans, get excited for this bizarre, beautiful new game
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Bye Sweet Carole: A Unique Blend of Disney and 2D Horror

Don’t let the name fool you, Disney fans. By all means, go ahead and get excited for Bye Sweet Carole. This 2D puzzle game, which combines body Horror with Silver Age Disney visuals, is poised to become a cult hit, and early adopters are getting in on the ground floor. Developed by Italian studio Little Sewing Machine, Bye Sweet Carole aims to show Disney how to make a good video game.

From the first moments of gameplay footage, it’s clear that Bye Sweet Carole is a creative and ambitious game. The painstakingly crafted art sets it apart from others with photorealistic graphics, and the use of body horror adds an element of surprise to what would otherwise be a fairly standard puzzle game.

The story follows Lana, an orphan searching for her mysteriously disappeared friend Carole. As she travels between the different regions of the city, she begins to uncover the twisted experiments that are being carried out. Lana can transform into a rabbit, adding a puzzle element to what otherwise looks to be primarily a walking simulator.

The gameplay itself is relatively standard, with 2D level design that incorporates verticality and puzzles. However, it’s the camera angles and focus on characters that set Bye Sweet Carole apart. The close-up camera showcases the intimate details of the world and focuses on the characters in a way that’s typically reserved for cutscenes.

Despite being a standout game at Gamescom, Bye Sweet Carole went relatively unnoticed due to its small booth. Of course, that’s all changed now that the gameplay is revealed – and it’s not hard to see why. The only criticism I have is the desire for brighter scenes, but that’s hardly a dealbreaker in pre-alpha footage.

If you’re a Disney fan looking for something fresh, then this is it. Take a look at the gameplay below:

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