Genshin Impact players lose items due to “Kaveh Hack”

Genshin Impact players express outrage as important items are lost due to the "Kaveh Hack" in the anime game, highlighting security issues.

Genshin Impact players lose items due to “Kaveh Hack”
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Genshin Impact: Outrage Over "Kaveh Hack"

The “Kaveh Hack” in Genshin Impact is causing widespread alarm among players as the hacker seems to target specific objects, resulting in their permanent deletion from players’ worlds. While the incident is likely an isolated case, it nonetheless serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks players face in the gaming community.

Players are expressing their outrage on social media platforms as they report their important items being deleted permanently in Genshin Impact. The hack, named after its creator, Kaveh, seems to target specific objects, resulting in their permanent deletion – despite players’ efforts to prevent the loss.

“I was just playing the game when suddenly I heard a sound indicating that my Genshin Impact portal was destroyed. I was shocked to find out that my portal had been hacked and was now destroyed permanently,” one player explains.

“I’m so mad right now. I was working on building a portal, and it was almost done. I was going to interact with it to complete it, but when I logged in, my portal was gone. Not destroyed, GONE. How does this even happen?” another one expresses.

The hack has left players wondering how it works and what they can do to protect themselves. While the incident seems to be limited to specific objects being hacked, the permanent loss of vital items can significantly impact players’ progress in the game.

Many players report having lost their portals, which is likely to hinder their progress in the popular Anime game. While there is no official statement by Genshin Impact developer Genesys on the incident, affected players are seeking solutions and compensation for their losses.

The incident highlights the importance of maintaining strong security measures in online games, particularly those that have amassed a large player base. The multiplayer game’s popularity also makes it a prime target for hackers and cheaters.

In similar cases, players are advised to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. The hack also raises concerns about the overall integrity of the game and its impact on the player experience.

Genesys is expected to take immediate action to address the issue. The incident serves as a valuable lesson for both players and developers in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the gaming community.

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