Is Bowser a socialist? Mario Party 11 coins divide sparks debate

The iconic Mario villain Bowser sparks a debate about his political leanings after one user notices how he divides the coins in Mario Party 11.

Is Bowser a socialist? Mario Party 11 coins divide sparks debate
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

The iconic Mario villain Bowser sparks a debate

The Mario games are full of memorable moments, from the happiness of a winning streak to the despair of landing on a Bowser Space in Mario Party. But now the iconic Mario villain himself has sparked an interesting debate after one player notices how he divides the coins in Mario Party 11. Users cite this as evidence that Bowser is a socialist, but others argue that the Mario villain is a power-hungry monster who simply acts under the guise of a shared economy.

“Bowser in Mario Party 11 is a socialist,” one user writes. “Just think about it. He divides the coins fairly, but keeps a slightly larger share for himself. That’s exactly how socialism works.”

“Bowser is a fair and equitable ruler who wants to make sure everybody has a chance to win,” another responds. “He’s a tax-and-spend socialist who reinvests the coins back into the board infrastructure. So next time you complain about taxes, remember this.”

“Bowser’s tax rate is less than 1%,” someone else writes. “I could get on board with that.”

Some users find Bowser’s political leanings so convincing that they argue that he would make a good president. “Bowser would be the best president,” one writes. “He’s fair, smart, and compassionate.”

Others, however, point out that Bowser’s authoritarian tendencies and forceful methods make him a lot less of a socialist and more of an authoritarian ruler.

“Bowser forcibly takes over the game and rules over the other players,” one writes. “He would be better described as an authoritarian ruler.”

“Yeah, but he’s overthrown the monarchy in the Mushroom Kingdom,” another replies. “So maybe his means were a bit authoritarian, but his end goal was to create a more egalitarian society.”

Another points out that Bowser’s treatment of the Toads, who are often portrayed as subjugated and imprisoned, raises concerns about his leadership. There’s also a debate about the difference between authoritarianism and communism, with some saying they’re not mutually exclusive and others arguing that they are.

Read the full discussion in this Reddit thread here.

The discussion also touches on the misconception of socialism in the United States and the demonization of all forms of socialism (which really aren’t that similar to communism).

So, what do you think? Is Bowser a misunderstood socialist? A power-hungry villain? Or something in between? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our review of the latest Mario Party game.

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