Super Mario Bros. Wonder has a lot of hidden abilities

Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces unlockable ability badges for new gameplay experiences

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has a lot of hidden abilities
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has plenty of hidden abilities that can be found in the new platform game. As players make their way through the worlds of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, they can find a variety of badges that promise exciting new gameplay experiences.

Each course allows for one badge slot, which players can change before or after playing a level. The badges menu reveals 24 slots, with three types: orange, blue, and yellow. So far, 11 badges were showcased, including abilities like gliding with the Parachute Cap and wall-climbing with the Wall-Climb Jump.

Other badges include Dolphin Kick, Timed High Jump, Crouching High Jump, Floating High Jump, Grappling Vine, Safety Bounce, Sensor, Coin Magnet, Invisibility, and Jet Run. These badges can be earned through challenges or purchased at Poplin Shops using flower coins found in levels.

Nintendo hasn't shown fans all of the badges in the game just yet, building anticipation for the game's May 14 release date. There are 13 more badges that remain undisclosed, leaving fans to wonder what they might be and how they might be used.

The game represents a new era for the series, as it departs from the 'New' style and introduces Daisy as a playable character for the first time. Super Mario Bros. Wonder also sees a change in voice actors for Mario, as Charles Martinet recently retired from the role. While fans eagerly await to hear Daisy's inclusion in the mainline series, she appears in elephant form in the game, as seen in the trailer below.

Check out more about Super Mario Bros. Wonder here, and keep up with the game ahead of its release with our Super Mario Bros. Wonder review. Fans of speedrunning are likely already thinking about how to utilize the new abilities to record-breaking performances.

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