New World expansion transforms the First Light into an alien biome

The New World expansion Rise Of The Angry Earth transforms the First Light region into an alien biome with aggressive plants and a new Expedition.

New World expansion transforms the First Light into an alien biome
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

The New World expansion Rise Of The Angry Earth

The New World expansion Rise Of The Angry Earth is shaping up nicely, with a complete transformation of the First Light region into a hostile alien biome, offering a new gear level, a new zone with different mobs, and a new weapon. As a paid expansion, Rise Of The Angry Earth offers more content and changes to gameplay than the free Brimstone Sands update, and the core community is already impressed by the changes.

Transformation of First Light region

First and foremost, the whole of the First Light region undergoes a transformation, with the landscape changing to offer a completely different look and feel. The flora in the area has grown to be incredibly dense and aggressive, offering a completely different environment and style of gameplay.

New gear level and zone

The expansion offers a new gear level, moving beyond gear level 9 to bring the level cap to 10, meaning you can equip even better loot for your chosen profession. A whole new zone is also introduced, with a different range of mobs including mammoths and elemental gorillas breathing new life into the game.

Overhauled loot system

As for the loot system, Funcom has overhauled it completely to reward you far more fairly for your time and effort, and with Expeditions offering a revamped three-tier difficulty system, you can expect to be dropping some seriously good items fairly regularly.

Smooth progression system

There are 10 mutations available in Expeditions right now, and Rise Of The Angry Earth replaces these with three tiers of difficulty to make it easier to find groups, with a much smoother progression system for mounts available to all players as well with different mount choices to offer even more variety.

New weapon: The Flail

Finally, the new weapon, the Flail, is quite the looker, with impressive animations and a completely different playstyle on offer depending on your aggressive support or tank build. Check out the New World Rise Of The Angry Earth trailer below for a full look at everything that’s changing.

With the core community responding very well to these changes, it remains to be seen whether this can bring back the game’s past popularity. As a player who has returned to the game myself and thoroughly enjoyed the Brimstone Sands update, I’m certainly excited to see more.

Transform the First Light into a lush, hostile biome with the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion for The New World. Get ready for an even more dangerous Expeditions with new mutations.

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