If No Man’s Sky launched today it wouldn’t have broken promises

No Man's Sky has redeemed itself with free updates, and if the space game had launched in its current state there would have been fewer accusations of broken promises.

If No Man’s Sky launched today it wouldn’t have broken promises
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

No Man's Sky: Hypothetical Launch in Its Current State

A hypothetical No Man’s Sky launch in its current state – with all the improvements, additions, and new mechanics – would have been warmly received, at least according to some players. Others argue that, despite the free updates, the gameplay loop and mechanics may still not appeal to every player, and that the lack of variety in bases and characters is disappointing. Overall, however, opinions on No Man’s Sky‘s hypothetical launch in its current state are mixed, and some believe it would have been better received than it was in 2016, when the space game faced criticism over broken promises.

No Man’s Sky is notorious for overpromising features at launch, which the developers at Hello Games have since redeemed themselves with free updates over the years. If the game had launched in its current state, there would have been fewer accusations of broken promises. Some players, however, still feel that the game is “a mile wide and an inch deep,” and that the additions to the game haven’t raised its overall complexity.

“The additions have increased the complexity of the game mechanics,” one user writes. “But I still feel like the complexity is mostly limited to the base building and ship building mechanics. Other than that, it’s still a very simple game.”

“If the base building and freighter mechanics were added back then, people would have loved it. No one who doesn’t enjoy the core gameplay loop would play the game,” another replies. “People who don’t enjoy the core gameplay loop still wouldn’t like the game.”

“I enjoyed the game’s core mechanics, but the game was so empty and lifeless,” another user writes. “Despite the updates, I still find No Man’s Sky to be an incredibly uninteresting game. The mining and repairing are just so time-consuming.”

Some players find the game to be more vibrant and interesting with the updates, despite the lack of variety in the environments.

“The core gameplay loop is uninteresting,” one writes. “Too much emphasis on mining, repairing, and building.” Another replies, “Not everyone values the same things. I personally love mining and exploring, so I enjoy the game.”

“The gameplay loop is simple and relaxing,” another writes. “It’s about the freedom to play however I choose. The flexibility to adjust the difficulty and the sandbox elements are what make the game enjoyable for me.”

“Yes, the lack of variety in bases and characters is disappointing,” another replies. “But I think it’s silly to expect them to keep updating the game forever. They’re offering us a lot for free, and it’s up to us to create our own bases and characters.”

Some users express mixed opinions on how the game would have been received at launch in its current state.

“If it had launched with the base building and freighters and the other updates, people would have seen the game as more in line with the initial trailers,” one writes. “But if they would have overpromised then, they could still overpromise now.”

“Maybe,” another replies. “But I think the gameplay would have been more well-received.” Another writes, “I think if it launched today with a similar marketing campaign, people wouldn’t be as disappointed because they would see the game for what it is.”

Some users express hope that No Man’s Sky will continue to improve without charging for microtransactions or DLC. Others compare the upcoming game Starfield to No Man’s Sky, with some arguing that they are very different games. There is also some speculation about the size and exploration capabilities of Starfield planets.

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