Spider-Man 2 trailer confirms Venom is Harry Osborn

The Spider-Man 2 trailer confirms that Harry Osborn is Venom, even if it's not quite how you were expecting.

Spider-Man 2 trailer confirms Venom is Harry Osborn
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

The Spider-Man 2 trailer confirms that Harry Osborn is Venom

The Spider-Man 2 trailer confirms that Harry Osborn is Venom in the sequel, which deviates from the usual Green Goblin plot in several ways. While the first game hinted at Harry’s transformation through his absence and the scene showing him suspended in a tank of green goo, speculation among fans ran the gamut from Eddie Brock to Flash Thompson to Kraven.

Now, we have the answer, and it’s not who many people were expecting. The latest story trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con strongly suggests that Harry is indeed Venom.

The trailer shows Harry talking to Peter and reintroduces him to Miles, indicating a continuation of their friendship. It also shows black tentacles crawling out of rocks, aligning with the Venom movie’s asteroid origin (although it’s unclear whether this is a flashback or part of the present day). The angle of Harry as Venom is seen as promising, although it raises some questions about how Peter becomes infected (Harry’s health seems to be failing, which implies his transformation wasn’t intentional) and whether his secret identity is at risk.

The tank with the Symbiote is still a significant element, hinting at its connection to Harry’s transformation. Other hints at Harry’s downfall include his stumbling and limping, which suggest he’s not in the best of health and might need regular exposure to the Symbiote for his well-being.

While the first game pitted Peter against the Green Goblin, Spider-Man 2 will have both Peter and Harry descending into darkness. However, it will be up to Miles to save them both.

Speaking of Miles, the trailer also shows some familiar faces from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, including Coach Wilson and Peter. The trailer also suggests that Miles will have some role in exploring the effects of the Symbiote through Peter.

The question remains about what happens to Peter and whether the Symbiote is contagious. It’s unlikely that Peter infects MJ or Miles, raising the possibility of a deliberate infection or a separate origin for Peter’s infection (time will tell).

The trailer also shows a potential flashback or present-day scenario where the Symbiote seeks its brethren through Peter. The origins of the Symbiote and how Norman acquired it will likely be explored in the game.

In any case, it looks like the Venom we know from the comics is coming to Spider-Man 2, and Harry Osborn is along for the ride. The trailer answers the question of who Venom is, but it leaves room for more questions and builds anticipation for the game’s storyline.

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