AMD exec warns of fake giveaways for its Starfield GPUs

AMD warns of fake giveaways and promotions for upcoming Starfield GPUs

AMD exec warns of fake giveaways for its Starfield GPUs
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Ahead of the upcoming launch of its Starfield GPUs, AMD warns that there are “fake giveaways” and promotions related to the powerful graphics cards.

The company says it is aware of the situation and taking steps to prevent it, but it also cautions optimists who might be hoping to win one of the limited-edition devices.

The warning comes after one post on Reddit lists an “official” giveaway involving the Starfield GPU. The company listed in the post as handling the giveaway is not listed as an AMD or Bethesda partner, and AMD confirms that it is not involved with the promotion.

“This is fake and we’re taking steps to make sure it’s not associated with our brands,” an AMD executive writes on Reddit, in response to the post.

AMD announced the Starfield Limited Edition Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPUs earlier this year, and the first giveaways were made at Bethesda’s QuakeCon event. The Ryzen and Radeon products both feature the highly sought-after Starfield artwork style, with the stylized Radeon RX 7900 XYX being particularly alluring.

While there are currently no official giveaways for the Starfield GPUs, optimists are advised to stick to the likes of Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, all of which are owned by AMD or Bethesda and are therefore most likely to provide a chance to win.

However, one purported bundle featuring both the Starfield-themed Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU is already being sold on eBay, with the seller asking for $1,499 (roughly £1,235).

Always be wary when it comes to hastily purchased bundles, especially those purchased on eBay. Always check the seller’s history and ratings, and, in this case, be wary that the bundle is already listed on eBay, before the Starfield GPUs are even launched.

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