Should you wait for Starfield patches and mods?

Should you wait for patches and mods to play Starfield? Find out here.

Should you wait for Starfield patches and mods?
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Should You Play Starfield Now or Wait for Patches and Mods?

Are you wondering whether you should play Starfield now or wait for patches and mods? You’re probably familiar with the Bethesda fan’s dilemma: you’ve waited years for the latest entry in one of your favorite game series to come out, and you want to play it immediately – but you’re also wary of the potential for bugs.

Many of the top threads on the Starfield subreddit right now are about whether to play the space game now or wait for patches and mods. While some users advise waiting until Bethesda has had a chance to fix some of the most glaring Starfield problems, others are already finished their first playthrough and are excited to see what changes will be made in future updates.

So far, most players seem to be taking the opportunity to play other games rather than burning out on Baldur’s Gate 3. Some are planning to come back to Starfield after a few months of playing other titles, while others joke about waiting for mods to fix the game before playing it.

Starfield patch 1 is out now, and it brings fixes as well as expands the finale epilogue. There’s also anticipation for Patch 2, which is expected to bring more fixes and expand the finale epilogue even further.

The release date for Starfield is causing a lot of confusion among fans, especially those who are used to waiting years between entries in the series. Some are surprised that the Starfield release date is coming out soon, while others express their loyalty to Bethesda and their eagerness to jump right into their latest creation.

The Starfield release date confusion is causing some humor among fans, with some expressing their surprise at the impending release while others respond with sarcasm or references to the long development time.

Most fans seem to be recommending waiting for reviews before preordering, pointing to the refund policies on platforms like Steam as a way to mitigate the risk of a problematic launch. Others are more critical of preordering, stating that it benefits corporations without giving consumers a finished product to pay for up front.

The time zones for the Starfield release date are also causing some confusion and humor among fans, with many expressing their surprise that the release is coming out in their time zone rather than the middle of the night on the east coast of the United States.

Now that you know whether to wait for Starfield patches and mods, you can get back to planning your own Starfield playthrough. We have a complete Starfield walkthrough if you want to know what to do next, or you can take a look at some of the other best PC games out right now if you need a break from the fantasy RPG.

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