Starfield Collector’s Edition Watch: A cool collectible or overpriced gimmick?

The Starfield Collector's Edition Watch sparks debate on Reddit, with opinions divided on its value and features.

Starfield Collector’s Edition Watch: A cool collectible or overpriced gimmick?
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

The Starfield Collector's Edition Watch

The Starfield Collector’s Edition Watch is no stranger to controversy, with many questions arising from its hefty price tag. The upcoming RPG‘s limited edition item is a hot topic on the internet, with various subreddits discussing the watch’s accuracy, quality, and price.

“Is the Starfield Collector’s Edition Watch a cool collectible or an overpriced gimmick?” That’s the question posed by Redditor u/Blain_Bain and answered by the community. Overall, opinions seem to be mixed, with some expressing disappointment over its lack of smartwatch features while others praise its design and collectible value.

“This is just a glorified Digivice,” one user jokes, referencing the device from the Digimon franchise. Many users express skepticism over Bethesda’s ability to deliver a high-quality product, citing past disappointments with similar items.

“I will say I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of smartwatch features at that price,” one user says. “I would expect it to be a bit more than just a glorified watch.”

While others agree, some mention the inflated prices for the collector’s edition. “I don’t think anyone is really defending the price of the CE,” one user replies. “If it was $150 I would have pre-ordered it and probably be wearing it right now. But $300 for a glorified watch with a Skyrim theme? No thanks.”

The Starfield watch’s size is another point of discussion, with some users expressing concern over its large design. “I really, really don’t like how big it is,” one user writes. “It just looks weird and out of place on my wrist.”

Others agree, but some users express their appreciation for the design. “I like the size because it’s different,” one user replies. “I’m not a fan of having a tiny watch face on my wrist.”

In a follow-up post, the Starfield watch’s date error is corrected by a Bethesda employee, who highlights the manual settings. Despite this, many users still jokingly suggest that the watch’s main function is as a “chick magnet.”

The watch is confirmed to display the date and time, but it remains to be seen if it can actually time travel.

“I’m pretty upset that my Walmart pre-order got canceled,” one user laments. “I was looking forward to having it as a collectible item.”

Check out the Starfield Collector’s Edition Watch in the image below:

Starfield Collector's Edition Watch

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