Starfield’s “wokeness” already causing controversy

As Starfield's release nears, concerns about it being "woke" spark a debate among gamers.

Starfield’s “wokeness” already causing controversy
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Starfield release date

The anticipation among gamers is real as the Starfield release date draws near. However, concerns about the Bethesda RPG game being "woke" have already emerged, igniting a debate on Starfield's Steam community hub about the term and its meaning.

With nearly 1,000 replies, the thread serves as an open forum for people to share their thoughts on Starfield and its potential political leanings. Some of the comments showcase the ambiguity surrounding the term "woke".

"Baldur's Gate 3 is woke," reads one reply. "Because it's tackling issues such as slavery." It's unclear what the commenter is specifically referring to, but it may be a reference to the newly announced Daedric Prince, Mielikki, who is rumored to be involved in an in-game slavery ring.

Older games like Fable and Horizon: Forbidden West have also faced similar accusations due to their realistic female character designs. Regardless, several replies point out the lack of logic in equating a game being woke with its treatment of an issue like slavery.

"So basically, a game being woke means it talks about social issues?" one user writes. "I don't care if it's woke or not, but I'd like to know what 'woke' means in this context."

Despite the controversy, the thread is mostly dominated by people expressing their excitement about Starfield's release. However, Xbox's Game Pass for $1 trial has just been discontinued, affecting potential players who might otherwise have been enticed by the deal.

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