Xbox Game Pass eliminates 14-day Starfield trial just before launch

Xbox Game Pass removes the Starfield trial just before the Bethesda RPG release, suggesting the service wants to capitalize on players using it for the Bethesda game.

Xbox Game Pass eliminates 14-day Starfield trial just before launch
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Xbox Game Pass eliminates the Starfield trial

Xbox Game Pass eliminates the Starfield 14-day trial just ahead of the Bethesda RPG’s launch, suggesting the move is a strategic one by Microsoft as it tries to capitalize on players using Game Pass for Starfield. With the jig seemingly up, you won’t be able to beat Starfield for a dollar anymore.

Twitter user Wario64 spotted the change, which removes the $1 trial for Starfield, and replaces it with a 14-day free trial. Previously, Xbox Game Pass offered more generous trial deals, including a Star Wars Game Pass free trial that let you play the entire Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes game for two weeks.

The 14-day trial was the latest iteration before its removal, and it’s not clear whether it will return after the Starfield launch. Microsoft may bring it back to attract more subscribers, but it’s possible the company wants to push people towards the new Core Game Pass tier, which offers online play but with a limited game selection.

Xbox recently discontinued Xbox Live and Games With Gold, replacing them with a new “Core” Game Pass tier that offers a smaller selection of mostly newer games, with online play included. The new tier offers a limited game selection, but the full PC and Console tiers have the full library but no online play.

If you want both you’ll need to subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate, which at $15/$20 per month (one subscription works on both PC and console) is more expensive than the two individual tiers. It’s unclear whether Xbox will introduce new incentives for newcomers to join Game Pass, but the appeal of Starfield alone may be enough.

Microsoft has faced plenty of criticism in recent years for not including enough big games in Game Pass, but the company is fully committed to its subscription service. The removal of the trial and other recent changes indicate Xbox’s dedication to making the most of the Starfield release, and attracting more subscribers.

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