How to join the secret society in The Sims 4

Join the secret society in The Sims 4 and explore the lore and rewards of The Order of Enchantment.

How to join the secret society in The Sims 4
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Joining The Order of Enchantment

Want to know how to join the Secret Society in The Sims 4? Secret societies are a big part of The Sims 4’s story, with rich lore and tantalising secrets to discover. So far, only the University expansion pack has added the concept of secret societies to the game, and it’s up to you to join The Order of Enchantment at Britechester University.

What is The Order of Enchantment?

The Order of Enchantment is a secret society at Britechester University, whose aim is to appease Sprites, fairy-like creatures that appear to affect Sims’ moods. The lore suggests that the university’s expansion was funded by an anonymous donor who was granted the funds by the university board after proving the existence of these sprites.

How do I join The Order of Enchantment?

To research The Order of Enchantment, you must first accept an invitation to join. You’ll be able to do this after gaining access to the University expansion pack, so won’t be able to join The Order until you’ve started a new game in this expansion.

Once you’ve been invited, head to the University Grounds, then head north to the Pepper’s Pub. You’ll find a clearing to the west of the pub, and if you interact with the large statue here, you’ll be able to join The Order of Enchantment.

How to make offerings to The Order of Enchantment

Offerings are items that you can give to the sprites to gain favor with The Order of Enchantment. Different items are accepted as offerings and reward you with focused moodlets, granting you a boost while carrying the item.

The most obvious items to use as offerings are the ones that are accepted, but there’s a trick to using any item as an offering. Simply put the item in your Sim’s inventory then interact with a sprite to accept the ‘Offer item to sprite’ interaction. You can then put the item in your Sim’s home and it will be accepted as an offering.

Different items are accepted as offerings by the Sprites, granting focused moodlets for each item.

How to join The Order of Enchantment in The Sims 4

After interacting with the statue on the university grounds, you’ll be given the option to join the society. You can make offerings to the sprites for academic success, but doing so is a bit of a waste of time. Instead, you’ll want to make sure you have as many ‘good’ offerings as possible, so that a member might offer you a chance to join.

The best way to ensure you have quality or rare items is to make sure that you’re making the best of the university’s expansion pack, The Sims 4 University Life. As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock more traits, skills, and items, which you can use to make your offerings more impressive.

Joining the Secret Society grants you robes, masks, and special abilities.

Joining the Secret Society unlocks level rewards and abilities. Level up to receive robes, masks, and special abilities. You’ll also be granted access to the social groups panel, which lists your member status, your current rank, any tasks you’ve been assigned, and any events that are upcoming.

How to advance in The Order of Enchantment

To advance in The Order of Enchantment, you’ll need to complete tasks given to you by members of the society. These tasks can range from simple deliveries to more involved missions. Complete tasks to advance your rank. Failing in your duties will upset the sprites and lower your motives, but you can always make amends by apologizing.

Sims 4 secret society locations

The Sims 4: Secret Society Locations

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