The Sims 4: Military career guide

Embark on a journey of discipline, fitness, and strategic thinking in The Sims 4 Military career.

The Sims 4: Military career guide
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

The Sims 4 Military career

Want to know more about the Military career in The Sims 4? The Military is one of the many careers available in The Sims 4, and it can be tough to get started. Do you have what it takes to join this physically and mentally demanding job? Of course, we’re assuming that you’ve got the discipline, fitness, and mental capacity to join this particular career path.

Join the Military career path in The Sims 4 and turn your Sim into the embodiment of discipline and fitness. This job demands a lot from your Sim, both physically and mentally, so make sure that you’re up for the challenge before you start. With ten levels to work through, find out everything you need to know about the Military career in The Sims 4, including specific requirements, tasks, rewards, and more.

How to start the Military career in The Sims 4

The Military career can be joined through your Sim’s cellphone or computer, or through the career panel in their profile. No special equipment is required to start the Military career; all you need is your body and some space to exercise.

Military career requirements

There are two branches within the Military career: Covert Operator and Officer. Each branch has its own set of requirements that your Sim must meet before they can start working their way through the job.

Covert Operator requirements

Officer requirements

Military career levels

There are ten levels in the Military career, with specific tasks and schedules for each level. You’ll notice that some tasks appear to be randomized, while others clearly relate to the necessary skills for the job.

Here are all of the levels in the Military career and their requirements:

Daily tasks in the Military career

As you work through the Military career, you’re required to complete daily tasks, promotion tasks, and go to work. Completing these tasks will help you earn promotions in the Military career.

Each promotion in the Military career comes with a bonus and additional rewards, so you should strive to complete as many tasks as possible each day. You can choose to work hard and tweak your behavior at work to increase your chances of promotion, or you can simply put in the hours and hope for the best.

Sims 4 Military career reward list

Each promotion in the Military career comes with a set of rewards, which can be seen in the image gallery above. Here are all of the rewards that you can earn in the Military career:

The Covert Operations branch offers rewards such as Medal of Supreme Bravery and Tactical Genius Medal, while the Officer branch rewards include Military Grade Flagpole and Modified B64 Training Bot. All earned medals can be displayed in the Medal Display Case obtained from the first promotion.

That’s everything you need to know about the Military career in The Sims 4. Will your Sim join the ranks, or do they have what it takes to succeed in a different job? Find out in The Sims 4.

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