Here are the best Omen plays in Valorant’s FPS game

Agent Valorant built Haven around Omen's abilities, so the FPS game's best plays revolve around the controller agent.

Here are the best Omen plays in Valorant’s FPS game
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Agent Omen Plays in Haven

Want to know the best Agent Valorant plays? We’ve seen some incredible plays from some of the best FPS players in the world. They’ve pulled off some mind-blowing headshots, clutch retakes, and insane 1v4 clutches. While these plays were made with mouse and keyboard, the top players have shown that console players can still compete with their PC counterparts.

Valorant’s FPS game is a prime example of how to build a map around a specific agent. Haven’s three-site design poses a challenge for defenders, but Valorant’s agent design has helped tilt the scales in the defenders’ favor. Agent Valorant’s Haven agents take advantage of the FPS game’s map design to create new strategies. Here are the best Omen plays in Haven.

Best Omen Plays

Omen’s Shrouded Steps are a crucial ability in Haven defense. The map’s three sites are all clustered together, so gaining an advantage in any area of the map can allow you to contest the entire area. The small ledges in Haven’s walls allow Omen to create one-way smokes, hindering attackers who are pushing through the choke point. These smokes can effectively cover important chokes, denying attackers line of sight so you and your team have an advantage.

This strategy is made easier if an enemy agent smokes Heaven. By doing this, the enemy agent covers up both A and B sites, making it harder for them to push through either choke point. If you’re on defense and you know the enemy is pushing through Heaven, use Paranoia and a smoke to quickly change your orientation before teleporting into garage. This allows you to push back the enemy with surprise attacks as they’re trying to push through the choke point.

Omen’s teleport is crucial for changing your orientation quickly. With the map’s verticality, you can throw a smoke on top of double-stacked boxes on A site and then jump up to the boxes to throw a second smoke. This creates a one-way smoke that you can teleport into for surprise attacks on attackers. This strategy alone is helpful for the team – the smoke alone offers advantages for your team, such as blocking vision and delaying attackers – but when you factor in a surprise attack from Omen, it makes the retake much easier.

With the help of these strategies, you can help your team make retaking the A site easier. Of course, this strategy only works if the opposing team smokes Heaven, but it’s worth doing if you can get away with it. Simply throw a smoke onto Heaven, then jump up to the boxes to create the one-way smoke. As long as an enemy doesn’t push through top double and spot you, you can teleport in and surprise them.

If you’re an Omen player, these smokes and teleports can be used to gain an advantage in garage. The verticality of Haven allows for some off-angles on top of boxes. This can be used to counter bots pushing through garage. Throw a smoke on top of double-stacked boxes, then jump up to the boxes and throw another smoke in front of the double doors. This covers the area in front of the double doors and forces the bots to push through long hallway to get to you, which is a dead-end for them.

If you’re new to Valorant’s FPS game, you may be wondering what the best Haven agent is. We’ve got a guide on all of the Haven agents, including Omen and the other console agents.

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